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What is Object Spy?

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / prashant

Using the Object Spy, you can view the properties of any
object in an open application. You use the Object Spy
pointer to point to an object. The Object Spy displays the
selected object?s hierarchy tree and its properties and
values in the Properties tab of the Object Spy dialog box.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / vasavi juvvadi

Object Spy is used to view the Run time and Test Object
properties and methods of application

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / sofia

Object Spy is used to read the object properties & the
physical description.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / venkatraj.b

by using objectspy we can view the object properties of an
open application,testobject methods and run time object
methods, and also we can view selected object hirarchy tree
properties and values in objectspy dialod box.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / prashanth

Object Spy is used to spy the properties of an object
currently displayed in the application.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / pbarjatiya

Object repository is used to get the information about an
object which QTP comes across in testing. But when an
object is not found by that then it can be manually
selected using object spy to find its property using QTP.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / pratap

How to get data from listbox in qtp, I have 2 columns names
in browser, column one can have Emp names and column two
can have salary ahd each employee can have listbox in column
We want to featch emp name from col one and corsponding list
box value in column 2.

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What is Object Spy?..

Answer / sreekanth k

Using Object spy we can find Object name,object class name,object parent object name,object parent object class name,methods and there information properties.

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