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what is difference betweein qtp 9.0 and 9.2

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Hello, How can i capture first letter of any string using QTP. For ex.. i want "j" in the below string "john" could any one explain me? Is there any function for that?


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how can i call function (which has link with excell sheet at a remote location) within another function


how can i change the action path that called in other action. when i copy one action to other pc,the action"test2" calls another action(C:\test1\action0),and i update this"test1",the folder update to "action1",but when i open "test2", it just point the call path to "C:\test1 \action0", but does not update to "action1",and the change i make can be shown in test2. so, can i update the call path manully? thanks


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What is the difference betweent test and component?

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why qtp supports vbscript? and not for others just like cgi,phython,shell,perl,html and all..

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hi friends can anyone tell me where can i find descriptive programming material please send me the link also,from which i can download the material

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how can i pass parameters into function?


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Without QTP (or any Testing tool) can we able to test the GUI part of the Applications. for Example generating the Scripts in Notepad and Executing them Using VB. Is it Possible to do so.. Correct me if iam wrong some where.


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how will you check how many members visited the website www.infosys.com?

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What are the various versions of QTP that have been released so far? Please also mention the year of release for each version

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How do u write script in qtp? where do u write?

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If u r using descriptive programming to identify the object where do u write the script for those objects? do u write it in the expertview? plz do answer its urgent thanks advance.

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Hi! Using Descriptive Programming How do we get Parent object for an object. Say, i want to get a parent object for a "Link" in a web page. thanks

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Hi! Using Descriptive Programming How do we get Parent object for an object by writing script(DP). Say, i want to get a parent object for a "Link" in a web page by writing script in Descriptive Programming.


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how can we preform retesting(DATA driven test) using function please gine the code for loginpage


Give me detailed theritical explanation about keyword driven, hybrid framework, environment variables, hybrid frame work


How can we extract data like "Details","Result","Time" from the 'Run Error' result generated in QTP after run time errors are generated during a run & import the details etc...into excel sheet


How to create Reusable and Multiple Actions?


action contains public and private functions but do we resuable that action or not..If it is reusable How..plz tell me the ans


what is meant by function library?Public and private functions in function library? if private functions are applicable for only for the particular test means then y we have to add those to function library?


wt is the use of multiple questions in QTP


Problem with XML checkpoint in QTP ?


What if recovery scenarios is also failed for identify the alert ? (We are handling unexpected popup through recovery scenarios but if still recovery scenarios also failed than what should be the approach)


Print the Prime numbers in below format only up to 20(Need commas also) 1,2,3,5,7,9,11,13,17,19


How to explain a banking project in interview as a test engineer???


what difference between runtime object and text object and what property they have. whether they have same properties or different properties.


Please provide specific examples of advanced/creative usage of QTP, including how impact & benefits for your project


Hi, how can we check or avoid the memory leakage in QTP9.2?


Hi, can explain the draw back of manual testing.plz send me the answer to my mail id deepthip1985@gmail.com