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how can i pass a "automation script" as a parameter in a function give me need full suggestion thank inadvance



when do we write a script in qtp?(plz give me more then 2 reasons)

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how do we know whether all objects are stored in the object repository or not? how can we know if a particular object is not stored in the repository?


what are the different types of framesworks in QTP?what is the keyword driven framework?


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If we write a script in the expert view how are the objects created in the object repository? to be clear i will explain my problem first i have recorded the mercurytours application by providing the link www.mercurytours.com and all the objects are stored in the object repository ok this is fine. but i have copied the script generated in the above processes and pasted in a new test and tried to run that script but as the objects were not stored in the object repository it showed an error (The "Welcome: Mercury Tours" object was not found in the Object Repository. Check the Object Repository to confirm that the object exists or to find the correct name for the object).so how can i overcome that error

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how can i pass a "cript"as a parameter in to a function


How do we do DOM programming in QTP.Could you explain with an example. If possible please provide some material or link related to DOM Programming.


hi i am working with vbwindow on qtp.first i am openning qtp whenever open qtp my application not open that time generated error like "Runtime error 0" and fatal error:automation error how to solve this problem pls tell me



what are the mandatory properties in qtp? what are the library functions in qtp?


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what is descriptive programming? what are the mandotory properties in qtp? what are libriry functions in qtp? what frame work you are using at your project? what is object repositery? what is our role as per qtp project is concerned as a software tester?


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suppose i give valid user id and password to open an web base application on qtp.how qtp will know itis a valid user id and password

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How Qtp will identifies object during run time

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What will be the script for recovery scenerio.plzanyone give ans with aexample related to banking project


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In keyward driven framework what will be the step for yahoo login page ,inbox logout,plz explain in detail



normally by going through the object properties in object spy we write descriptive programming(correct me if i am wrong). But how or from where can we get the object properties in the object spy?plzzzzzz do answer

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Hi All , How can we decicde for pariticular frame(DataDriven or Keword Driven)in Project? Thanks Balaji


How to Test the mainframe application?


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


Hi, How Accessibility checkpoint in QTP can be implemented in the test script?


what could go wrong with test automation?


What is ObjectParamater?


Hi I am new to QTP. can u please answer to my qus... suppose 3 excel sheets are there * we are trying to check for login credentials for a page. userid from excel1 , password is from excel2 whether the page is opened or not that checkpoint is result is should be stored in excel 3.... this qus i have faced in IBM technical round... please tell script for above query ... please please


Did QTP prove efficient for your project? Yes or No, explain?


what are the utilities and drivers


write a script to verify links on any web page by using descriptive method by creating a description object (give a filter condition only link) ... need to verify expected like name by reading


Hello everyone! I am just writing a small test for a windows application. I have a problem with a text output value. The value i am trying to catch is presented in a scrollable textbox. When the text is too long, only a portion of it gets captured. Do you have any experience with this?


Can anyone help.i need total excelsheet operations,shortcuts in testing environment from starting onwards....


when u script reveiwing in which area u more concentrates?


What is difference between Recording time object identification and Run time (Execution) time.


What are the common defects found in your project? (in qtp interview)