QTP Interview Questions
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what is the extension for the test version of the script?


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How many actions we can write in a test?


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Could anyone please tell me one situation where you have used recovery scenarion in real time with an example?

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what are the disadvantages of qtp? can linux support qtp9.2? how could get web address throu vbscript?


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What is the Limitations of Testing ?


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Give me some real time point of way where exactly we can conduct audits?



How can we add regular expression for date field (dd/mon/yyyy)?


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Give me exact application where we should use low level recording?


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For Regression testing already written test cases are sufficient?


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Give some brief idea about a) Active x check b) Alt property check c) Applet object check d) Frame object check e) Multimedia links check f) Server side image check g) Table object check


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Give answer with example what is orthogonal array testing technique?

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How to test background color and dynamic images which are moving during runtime?


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What is SQL injection?


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What is vulnerability?


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What is the concept of firewalls?


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Hi i have a webtable which is having 7 columns and 6 rows of data in that table of 4th and 5 th column each row is partiotioned into 3 sub rows i want to verify in each partitioned rows of corresponding row for ex values will be like this 0 / 1 ,26/28.if it is 0/1 i want to skip only if any num/num greater than 1 i want to click.


Can any body please tell me the steps of keyword driven framework of QTP.


how do u manipulating INI, DLL and / or registry files in support of your test environment? actually what do u mean by INI and DLL or registry files. plzzz its urgent do answer


can u explain the keyword driven framework with an example clearly how to create all the files and how to attach to main test.


what kind of frame work you used in your last project?


This is a question thats generally asked in every QTP interview. What were the problems that you faced during automation and how did you resolve them?


what is supply chain management?


i have to login into gmail loginpage i have to pass testcase into userid and password by using functions. the test case of user id is it should take only lowerletters alphabetin between 4 to 6 length.it should not take spectial letters.it should not take numbers.testcase for password is it should take numbers and it should not take alphabets note the following things must happen 1 when i give correct password and userid that password and userid should be seen in QTP result and notepad,xl sheet 2 when i gave in valid password the system willgive message please give valid password that particular messaage should be seen in QTP result,norepa and xl sheet


Hai anyone please "Explain about Framework in QTP?"


Limitations in QTP?


In application which areas to be automated and what kind of situation will be take? using QTP? Plz give me the clear answer


How can i initiate the objects to find uniquely in OR


Hi I know two types of testing processes. 1. Reaquirments stage,test design,code review's, Design review's, Test Plan, Test Cases design, test execution, Defect Reporting and tracking, UAT, Signoff. 2.Test Initiation , Test Plan, Test Design, Execution,Bug tracking, UAT, Sign off.


"What are the common constrains that we need to consider when we prepare testcases for ASP application". Thanks in Advance...


what is clean sweep?