QTP Interview Questions
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what is the extension for the test version of the script?


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How many actions we can write in a test?


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Could anyone please tell me one situation where you have used recovery scenarion in real time with an example?

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what are the disadvantages of qtp? can linux support qtp9.2? how could get web address throu vbscript?


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What is the Limitations of Testing ?


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Give me some real time point of way where exactly we can conduct audits?



How can we add regular expression for date field (dd/mon/yyyy)?


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Give me exact application where we should use low level recording?


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For Regression testing already written test cases are sufficient?


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Give some brief idea about a) Active x check b) Alt property check c) Applet object check d) Frame object check e) Multimedia links check f) Server side image check g) Table object check


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Give answer with example what is orthogonal array testing technique?

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How to test background color and dynamic images which are moving during runtime?


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What is SQL injection?


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What is vulnerability?


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What is the concept of firewalls?


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requirement is for combo box your expected value is str= "Denver.Frankfurt.London.Los Angeles.Paris.Portland.San Francisco.Seattle.Sydney.Zurich" you must get the text in combo box and need to compare them how


Hi we are using QTP9.0 for Seibel Application and this seibel application will give you a popup messagebox which is of web , so qtp takes 3 mins to recognize the messagebox and to click on it , we have more number of messageboxes like this . please suggest me some solution


I had installed QTP 9.2. It is working fine but whenever I open QTP, it is trying to reinstall the below-mentioned files again and again "QTP92PS82UPGRADE.exe", "recogn.dll". If anybody has these files, please provide those files in this site or you can send that files to my mail id also (lravi4u@yahoo.com). If you don't know where the files will be in the QTP, search in the QTP software CD or path of QTP program installed (C:\Program Files\Mercury Interactive\QuickTest Professional)


what is the difference between IE & Netscape in web testing on a log in page


i have asked earlier only one question how to test web application using QTp plz send me the answer quickly


what is meant by source control?


iam working in QTP for 2+ of exp if i attend the interview what r questions asked in perfomence testing{loadrunner} ? pls any one can say answer to this question?


Please help me by providing the License key for QTP 9.2, at guru_aarya@yahoo.co.in Best Regards Gururaj.B


Our company is having a windows client server application developed in vb.net. so there is a treeview and i am not in a position to record the click events in QTP. so kindly help. Vivek


Can any one tell me how to write a script for selecting open option in File menu of A word document.here you have to add objects to OR.try like that and give me the ans.i asked this question to so many but no one knows.if any one know the answer plz let me know


Hello Everyone, Please provide me the practical example of business component concept of QTP.Like how to create business component,how to connect the quality center etc.... Thanks in advance, Gaytri


If u r using library files (Instead of Check Points) , How do u do bitmap check ?


How to integrate QTP with QC using VB Scripting? What are the prerequisites to connect with QC?


Diff b/w Health care domain and Banking Domain?


How to capture a window in QTP?