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how can i pass parameters into function?

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how can i pass parameters into function?..

Answer / venkat

In the above answer (a,b) are the arguments not parameters.
And we called as arguments in functions.

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how can i pass parameters into function?..

Answer / deven

Function MyFunction(Argument1, Argument2)
MyFunction = Argument1 + Argument2
End Function

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how can i pass parameters into function?..

Answer / bluemoon_bala

From the information, i understand that u have written a
function and trying to pass values to that funciton..

Here is an example:
I have created a function called Add and taken two arguments
" a" and "b". And called that function by passing the values
as 2 and 3

Function Add(a,b)
msgbox c
end function

add 2,3

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how can i pass parameters into function?..

Answer / sunil reddy

We will defeinitely pass the parameters to Function

Try with this Example

First parameterize the Agent name with invalid data like sun
Dialog("Login").Einedit("AgentName").Set datatable.Value
Call the function
Function Login(Sunny)
Dialog("Login").Einedit("AgentName").Set datatable.Value
End Function

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