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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / ravindranadth

This is the first time posting the answer. there are 6
extns are there in QTP.

Batch test:.mtb(Mercury test batch)
Peraction Repository: .mtr(mercury test repository)
Shared repository: .tsr(test shared repository)
script: .mts(mercury test script)
functions : .vbs
Recovery scenario :.qrs(Quick Recovery scenario)

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / basha

The extension for :

SCRIPT file : .mts

OBJECT REPOSITORY (shared) : .tsr

OBJECT REPOSITORY (per action) : .mtr

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / sharath

The extension for Script file is .mts
and the extention of the repository file is .tsr

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / me :)

Hi poonam can you check whether tsr is for shared and mtr
is for per test??

OR both mtr and tsr can be shared across??? ;)

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / sanjeev

extention of script file is .mts(Mercury Test script)
extention of object repository file is .bdb(Borkely

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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / ravipati srini

Can anybody tell what are the extension of the below:


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What is the extension of script and object repositary files?..

Answer / poonam

Extension for test script:->
* The extension of Test Script File : .mts

Extension for test repository:->
* The extension of test repository(per test): .tsr
* The extension of tesr repository(shared): .mtr

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