QTP Interview Questions
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What is the use of Regular expression?

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Which Databases supports for QTP?


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Can we do Load Teting with QTP?

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difference Between LowLevel and Normal Recording Modes?

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How to get line numbers in your editor in expert view?

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Where the text version of script file located in file system?

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Synchronization methods?

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How to change the Default synchronization method time and where?

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How to capture screen shots when an error occurs?

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How many type of status messages are there ..explain?

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What is Optional step?

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How to export QTP results to an .xls file?


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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?


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How to add a runtime parameter to a data sheet?

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What scripting language QTP of?

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Hi all can any one give me roles and responsibilities for QTP (not WINRUNNER)


Explain the N-tire structure(process) for Funds Transfer ( means give N ways to funds Transfer in an Application)


How can i check items sorted or not in a weblist ? Give me the script for this...


Which functionalities of QTP used in banking project? pls any say answer?


banking domain description for software tester for interview


How to write business scripts using object repository with different scenarios


Call to copy of an action and call to existing action… i know the diff but in real project how to use..? i want live scenario.pls help me..


what is the latest version of QTP? Main difference between 9.2 and 10 version


iam have done mba(finance)in 2008. in 2008 one reputed consultancy came off campus interview our institution. i got job as "manual test engineer". now iam working as "manual testing engineer". now my problem is when iam going interview the interviewer asking like " ur mba gradute how can u get job in test engineer." this question i have faced every interview. iam explaining how iam getting job. but they are not trust me". pls tell me answer how i am giving relavent ans.. this is my mail id y.ramana84@gmail.com


how to use the regular expression for the below code-- swf("application name").swftreeview ("Treename").select"Medication;Pharmacy:56" There is a tree view window of the folder's ie Medication- >Pharmacy(sub folder)with 56 as count of records...The records can be different or if no records present in the specific folder..then it show "Paharmacy:-no records".Whe i record at the first time .....and try to rerun the same script with different records count say "pharmacy:800"..qtp is not regnizing it...therefore i want to user regular expression..but donot now how to use it and where to use...i have tried.... swf("application name").swftreeview ("Treename").select"Medication;Pharmacy:\*"..but it s of no use..plz help..me


Qtp has been installed on my pc but recently ON opening it is giving this error PLEASE REPLY IT IS URGENT IT WAS WORKKING FINE QTPRO.EX THE instruction at "0x7.. ...". referenced memory at "0000....The memory could not be read... Awaiting QTP XPERTS REPly URGENT


what is the advantages and disadvantages of using functions instead of re usable actions


Hi, I am using OutputCheckPoint and I am storing the value in the data table. The stored value for column:bedroom:"Bed:4" The another value for column:bathroom:"Bath:2 Full,1 Partial" I need only the no 4 from the first column. I need only the no 2,1 from the second column. I used split array,but it also show array(0) has the value"bed:4" ..... Even though I highlight only 4,It is seleting the full value "bed 4".How can I get only the nos Thank you Uma


Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by rsobj.open sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?


Should have experience in framework means?