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QTP Interview Questions
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What is the use of Regular expression?

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Which Databases supports for QTP?


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Can we do Load Teting with QTP?

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difference Between LowLevel and Normal Recording Modes?

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How to get line numbers in your editor in expert view?

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Where the text version of script file located in file system?

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Synchronization methods?

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How to change the Default synchronization method time and where?

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How to capture screen shots when an error occurs?

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How many type of status messages are there ..explain?

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What is Optional step?

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How to export QTP results to an .xls file?


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Tell me few important difference Between QTP and WinRunner?


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How to add a runtime parameter to a data sheet?

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What scripting language QTP of?

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Hi Samrat, Thank u very much, what u said it is right.


i am trying to automate,in that site, when i go to automate the Leaving from field showing as a WEBEDIT, but when i enter 1 or 2 char, it displaying dropdownlist, i try to use keyboard automation to select the item from that list but it is not possible, can anybody help he. Thans for posting the Answer


How to do the scripting. Are there any inbuilt functions in QTP? What is the difference between them? How to handle script issues?


What phases are involved in testing an application in qtp?


Hi any body pls help me for QTP 11.0 software free demo version. i have to practice. Kindly send the link.or where i have to download.


How to do call a output parameter from one action to another action??/


How do you know the location Id of an object if you know its index id?


How can you exit from an action?


Explain the concept of object repository & how qtp recognizes objects?


what frame work you are following?


In qtp, how you can use xpath to identify objects?


suppose in the middle of the project QTP will not work properly, then what do u do? and ur team?


Please guide me release notes of Automation once scripts are completed


Hi All , How can we decicde for pariticular frame(DataDriven or Keword Driven)in Project? Thanks Balaji


What VBScript operators, functions, and statements do you use in QuickTest Professional?