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How to create runtime property for an object?

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / arunsingh

Hello Mr Jaydev,

There is no such kind of method (Set ROProperty)in QTP.

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / prasad

There is no such method like SetRoProperty()

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / thirumala reddy

By using "SetToProperty" you can do that

for example if any object property is changing during runtime our test will fail, to avoid that we can use SetToProperty.

e.g. if any WebEdit "name" property is changing then

Browser("xxx").Page("yyy").WebEdit("zzz").SetToProperty("name", "new value of name")

and this value is valid for that run session only (during runtime) after that that property will remain the property in the object repository

if any queries plz mail me

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / prasad

there are three Methods like
For Test Object(TO)
1. GetToProperty()
2. SetToProperty()

For Runtime Object

First thing is that every object are treated as the Test
Object(TO) by QTP.

Suppose u r working with "OK" button. so all the properties
and logical name of the "OK" button will be Stored in
OR(Obj. Repos.)Here it will be treated as TO.When QTP
execute the script it will search the "Ok" button based on
its properties and logical name.In this case it will be
treated as RO. So i don't this that it is needed to create a RO.

Please make me Clarify against it........if any

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / vistaraj

i agree to thirumala reddy.
to create runtime property for an object, we have to use
SETTOPROPERTY as following

'Set the Text property for 7 as Server

Now check if the object has created runtime property or not


msgbox "strText"

See that "Server" is displayed

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / narendra

we can use

we can set property and a value to an object

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How to create runtime property for an object?..

Answer / jayadev acharam


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