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Hi guys, can anyone explain me whats the method for reporting the QTP test results to teamlead or non-QA member (developer/PM)? Thanks in Advance!!!!!

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how quick test record on dynamically generated urls and web pages.

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How do u write a regular expression for date (dd/mm/yyyy) field ?

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How do u write regular expression for a window name which is changing for each build ? i.e. in first build the window name is : "computer graphics are very ...." . in second build the window name is : "computer graphics can be created" . - Appreciate proper replies

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how do check the links in a webpage ?

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how do u retrieve data from a database ? i.e. i want to retrieve 2nd record only from a database ? write code for this. by using ADODB connecton, RSOBJ and using a FOR loop we can retrieve all the records( ex: if we give query as select * from emp). but i want only 2nd record. so how to acheive this.


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What is the difference between "call to action" and "call an existing action"

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Can anybody give the code for ALL DATATABLE METHODS)(ex: datatable.getrowcount, datatable.getsheet etc....) and ALL DATABASE COMMANDS (like .getcelldata, which are used to retrieve data from a database and from a webtable)with examples.


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What are FAST and NORMAL modes in qtp ? Why r these modes intended for ?


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How do we retrieve the content from a text box in a web page

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Pls let me know completely about descriptive programming, where it is used, pls explain with a real time example of its occurence and the program code written in qtp.

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Can any body tell me how can I choose the share object repository and per action object repository mode. Please give me with steps.

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How to load a object repository(using VBScript) ... very urgent....

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how to retrieve the column headers in database using vbscript statement in QTP

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when qtp recognizes a web link like (hyper link)wich properties it is going to take to identify the objects unquely? what is Ini file in QTP?

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can anyone tell me what to say in interview when interviewer asks about "tell me about your framework in your project"?


Where should i find checkpoint and virtual objects's Object properties and values in the QTP 9.2 Means where checkpoints or virtual objects related data will store If i want to get the runtime object properties how can i use Getroproperties on Checkpoints


How to integrate the qualitycenter with qtp


Can any one say what exact diff between test->parameters, action properties-> parameters. after defining the parameters in test->settings, how can we access those parameters.(i know how to use action prop parameters)


In a flight window we have to enter the name and meal request for every passenger.In that window if we give Total passengers=1 then the Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field will reflects.if we give Total passengers=2 then Psngr1 name field and psngr1 meal request field,Psngr2 name field and psngr2 meal request field will reflects and so on.if total psngrs=100 then will we capture all the fields for the psngrs to Automate the app how we can handle this scenerio thru Descriptive programming?


Whats the realtime QTP testing process


whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


why you have standardized functions? plzzz guys with real time exp. do answer


how can we preform retesting(DATA driven test) using function please gine the code for loginpage


Why do you create a text checkpoint on a Web application? What is the purpose of the Close method?


what is the difference between development and testing


Explain runtime dynamic settings?


how to prepared for first for the first interview?


Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by rsobj.open sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?


What are the automation metrice in your project?