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When u r running a script , if u get a popup window that describing that u have received a mail to your outlook application. so to avoid the interference of the popup window , which recovery scenario(popup,object state,application hang,system crash) would u use ?


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What are accessibility check point and xml check point?


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can any one tell me How exactly data drivent testing is done in.explain with any example and the exact steps to fallow?

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what is descriptiveprograming? how to do object identification thrugh Descriptive and is possible smart identification or not


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What is the logic for reading(exporting)the data from flat files to QTP?Can anyone explain me with an example? I appreciate it!!! Thanks!!! Prasanna

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What is parameterization? What is syncronization pt.?

Semantic Space, SRM,

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What are default add-ins in qtp?

Semantic Space,

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Where is the resultset of a sqlquery (which is fired by rsobj.open sqlquery,xxxx,xxxx) stored ?



Write a user defined function to count the no. of buttons existed in a webpage ? i dont want to use descriptive.create ()


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What are the Features & Benefits of Quick Test Pro (QTP)..?

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How to handle the exceptions using recovery secnario manager in Qtp?

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what is the use of Text output value in Qtp?

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How to use the Object spy in QTP 8.0 version?

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What is the file extension of the code file & object repository file in QTP?

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Explain the concept of object repository & how QTP recognises objects?

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Any body have QTP 9.5 licence key. please provide me at madhukar_dec30@yahoo.co.in


what is the difference between rational rose and QTP? WHICH TOOL IS BETTER TO LEARN? PLEASE SEND ME AT sana_50218@yahoo.com sandeep@epuratech.com


banking project description for software tester


Can anybody post some real time scenario in qtp? please its very urgent.


how can i sent QTP results to the Html, notefile ,xl file give me the code using g mail login page


breef description of batch testing ?


Hi, How Accessibility checkpoint in QTP can be implemented in the test script?


Hi All, I Want To excute scripts batch without using QC .I need code for that Thanks Balaji


Diff b/w Health care domain and Banking Domain?


How do you test the text displayed in the header portion of times of india epaper. Hot news(banner) are scrolling in the top of the page, how do you test using QTP?


Explain Descriptive Programming Types with Examples?


when will you do debug your script? and explain that process?


Our company is having a windows client server application developed in vb.net. so there is a treeview and i am not in a position to record the click events in QTP. so kindly help. Vivek


How can I find out the cursor position through QTP suppose I am keep tabbing(Pressing the tab key continuously) and stoped at a position Now I want to find out where the cursor position is


Hi All, issue is related to handling pop up script generated in IE, and run on mozilla. In App Under Test, when we get the alert pop ups, we just click ok button. if we need to run the same code on mozilla it will not identify . so we will check browser if browser(*).dialog(IE object).exits browser(*).dialog(IE object).winbutton(OK).click else 'by default mozilla browser(*).dialog(mozilla object).page(*).webbutton(OK).CLICK END IF But my qustion is. Do we write the above piece of code where ever we get such kind of pop ups from the application like alert pop up, confirmation pop up.... OR do we have any other alternative way to do this by using any functions in Recovery Scebarios? If Any of u know idea please do help me in this regard. or send answer to kravimb@gmail.com