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what is the difference between QTP 8.0 & 9.0?

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what is QTP batch testing tool?

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how to parameterise a test with data base table or excel sheet?


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what is the process to follow between writing the test cases & then atomating it?

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suppose u hav a dialog or window which contains 10 buttons with same name & value. now how to check each button? i.e. how qtp indetifies these objects separately?

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suppose u hav a 10 dialog or window opened on screen with same name & value. now how to test each window? i.e. how qtp indetifies these objects separately?


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How can we get the result from WindowsXP Command Window? (e.g. After we input 'ipconfig' in command window, how QTP get the result?)

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I want to check in the data table(Globalsheet) column exist or not through script .If column not exist only proceeded to next step Pls tell me how to proceeded?


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While recording a login window QTP is identifying only parent window,then how can u identify the child objects.


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what is the automation framework that ur company using(actual procedure,not theoritically explination)

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I am using excel sheet to export data to QTP but it selects just one row of data from excel sheel how to import all rows of excel sheet to QTP during runtime

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QTP is used better in which type of application Web based application or desktop application

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How to call a function in QTP?Is there any method ? Thanks , PRASANNA

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what is the extension for QTP files?

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How do u retrieve data from a text file into different variables. i.e. in a text file named "source" , the data is like : india,1000,japan,200,china,50,singapore,45050 this is given in the first line of the text file. in the second line of the text file the dta is: sun,moon,planet,river,earth,water if u use "readline" method by using FSO concept u can retrieve the entire line in to a variable. but i want to import each field (ex: "india" in one variable, "1000" in another variable etc..). Apprecitae proper replies.

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For which type of projects the iterative model is not suitable?


What is RTM (require ment tracebulity marix) fromate?


when will you do debug your script? and explain that process?


Generic function to search for the unique link in webtable and click on it


How can i initiate the objects to find uniquely in OR


write a script to validate the content in the web application. (do it by OR method) and (do it by Descriptive method by creating a description object.. (give a filter condition only WEbelement- not easy need to use some more property while giving filter condtions- use google for your help...))


Hi All, I have QTP installed on my machine but the application under test (AUT) is on remote desktop.My scenarios is like that,it should contain following steps. 1)Automatically it should click on start and then on remote desktop connection. 2)it should enter the IP address and then connect to remote desktop. 3)and then it should be able to record the application in remote machine and then run it also. Can somebody tell me how to record the application which is in remote machine.


I opened gmail login into gmail and i have to save (Pass or move) all the mail into notepad please give me code Thanks of all


what is the frame work in J-meter?


whare exactly we have to use functions and sub routain


What are metrics and matrix?


What are the technics follow in writing VB script?


Hi, i run scripts in one machine those r passed.when i run the scripts in client side those r failed.Give me such a scenario when ever u faced?




How can we conduct U-I Testing by using QTP??????