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how many scripts r there in QTP? pls any answer this question?

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Hi Frenz... I would like to take up the QTP certification . Can anyone tell me what is the procedure. n if anybody have the study materials pls fwd it to jkpunathil@gmail.com


1.what is the difference between childobjects and child items in qtp? 2.what is difference between a class and function? 3.can u convert ustimings to indian timings using vbscript? 4.i have scripts in one machine.can i run those scripts in another machine.how?

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Hi, i run scripts in one machine those r passed.when i run the scripts in client side those r failed.Give me such a scenario when ever u faced?



How to pass a variable in Dos Command using QTP? Eg: Dim path1, path2 path1 = "C:\Test\sample1.doc" path2 = "C:\Test\sample2.doc" How can we pass these path1 and path2 inside the "copy" dos command? I tried like this. this is not working. oShell.run "cmd /K copy" &path1 &path2

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1.what is the extension of action template? 2.what are the strengths and weaknesses of Keyword driven framework? 3.how qtp identify runtime objects?


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Can a function return a dictionary object?

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how to do spell check in QTP? reply please

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Hi I am working with QTP.If I want to write a certification exams,Which one is the best one suggest me friends!!

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How can i use Ordinal identifiers and Smart identification methods suppose i want to know the index no of check box

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Suppose there are 10 browsers opened on desktop. I want to close all browsers except one browser in QTP. Can any one give the code for this?


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I m in new and want to learn QTP. Is any website which provide free QTP video training.....also can downlaod....


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How to handle Dynamically changing Objects in QTP?

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LINUX environment supports QTP or not? LINUX environment supports QC or not?

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Hi Friends, Im planning to do certifcation in mercury Automation Tool QTP.But I Didnt get any clear details regarding course syllabus, fees, where to approach, and which certification would be useful for the experienced testers? can any one send me the details?


I have many listboxes in my application. I have to check whether the contents inside the listboxes are in sorted order or not..can anyone please send the code as early as possible


when I try to run below script in QTP "totalPages" value is 2. But i am getting error message (Type mismatch: 'totalPages' Line (): "For i=1 to totalPages".) totalPages=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElem ent("innertext:=of.*").GetROProperty("InnerText") msgbox totalPages For i=1 to totalPages rnum=Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebTa ble("column names:=User Name;ID;Last Name;First Name").GetRowWithCellText("store4") If rnum>0 Then r=rnum Exit for End If Browser("Name:=User").Page("Title:=User").WebElement ("html tag:=A","x:=471").Click MsgBox "Exit" Next


Please Don't mind .i want in detail the real time process i.e in each document what it contains.


Hi.. I want to do parametrization for selecting perticular flighr say XYZ by using local table: criteria: 1.If flight is available msgbox "Flight is available" and then select flight from flight table and click to ok button after that as enter username and ticket no and then stop 2. otherwise msgbox " Flight is not available" and stop Please help me out ..and let me know your responses on dipak.bachhav@gmail.com Regard, Dipak


Pls can anyone give me the entire code for the Keyword driven framework with respect to he Flight Reservation Window in detail with explanation. Pls explain in detail stepwise. Thanks a lot. Pls very urgent?.


HOW AUTOMATE TEST SCRIPT ? what time it will do? after gneration of basic script or Any , Plz explain detailed?


Should have experience in framework means?


breef description of batch testing ?


how to post xml data from QTP scripts to any application?


How should I click on the right click menu objects When I trying to add the object properties to the OR.It is showing only Window(Window).Not all the objects of the window. Also while recording I found No script. How to solve this>.


how could i download qtp in which i get add-in support for 'oracle' is there any way to get it? i finding but not getting pls help me out :)


why should we give deliver good quality software?


How will you report the bug and explain the defect tracking sheet you handled?


I want two test two agents login for the flight website. Here is the scenario: I want to go through 1-3 rows for one user login and other user login I want to go though 3-5 rows. How would you set this up in qtp. Thank You