Load Runner Interview Questions
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What is Latency in LoadRunner? What is Network Latency? could u explain in detail how to define this network Latency in LoadRunner? Thanks in Advance


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Why is Load Runner called as State of Art Tool.


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How do you test pop up with LR? My whole application running on pop up. Its a JSP page written on pop up window.

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how do u analyze result & what r analze results in load runner?

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Hi all, Do anybody know how to test JDBC protocol application which doesnt have any UI with LR.I want to test it for performance.Do i need to develope any UI to trigger that process or is there any other way around??Please help me

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what is the language(Script) use in Loadrunner script?

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what is mean BVT and BAT? difference between BVT and BAT

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What is maximum No of Vusers that we can load using LoadRunner8.0 and how should we connect to database using loadrunner


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How should you call loadrunner scripts using testdirector


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whar r the benfits of Load Controlar?

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How to prepare test data to use in Load runner.


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hai friends, it s very urgent ...pls do help me out ...... please to help in working with load runner to find the response time of single user,5 user etc.... i dont have any prior experience but i am in the situation to handle this scenario.....its very urgent ...pls help me

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to upload the data into xl sheet we will use CSV doc but where we will get the CSV doc what is the procedure plzz explain realtime employees? thanks in advance

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When will we use HTML recording and when will we use URL Recording, How we know that when will we use HTML and when will we use URL(Real timers plz)


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In a web application transaction response time comprises of some sub times like time from web browser to web server thn to application server and then time taken to get response from the database and back to the web browser following the same path.How to get these sub times distinctly in LR analysis?


difference between latency and transaction response time


How to handle the encrypted values in correlation. please send me example with explanation


Hi can anyone help with projects using load runner. I learnt loadrunner but don't have a hands on experience on it.. it will be very much helpful if some can help me up with a project. can email me: priya.joslic@gmail.com


Hello Friends, Can anyone please let me know about Performance testing health care EDI ( 270,271, 835 ect). I need as detailed answer as possible. I am going to use LoadRunner for load testing. I would really really really appreciate your help. Thanks, Piyush


How can we invoke a parellel process in load runner using C or perl language?


when a Load Runner controller fails?


Difference b/w 9.1 and 9.5 Versions in LoadRunner?


How to configure yahoo cookies in load runner?


Can anyone please mention what are the common errors that we can see while replaying the Vugen script and also while running the controller scneraio and How to handle them with a few examples. This will be greatly helpful.


Hi guys I am pravash kumar satapathy having 4.5yrs experience in loadrunner .i am providing online training in loadrunner,jmeter .if any body are interested directly u can call me or mail me pravashkumarsatapathy@gmail.com pk.loadrunner-----skype 9437629024


Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


What is the basic credentials should be provided while recording SAP-GUI?


what are the skip functions in Load Runner?