hai friends, it s very urgent ...pls do help me out ......
please to help in working with load runner to find the
response time of single user,5 user etc.... i dont have
any prior experience but i am in the situation to handle
this scenario.....its very urgent ...pls help me

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hai friends, it s very urgent ...pls do help me out ...... please to help in working with load run..

Answer / satishreddy mandadi

For single user u will get the response time in VUgen
itself, More then one user u must go to the controller and
assign the user load.

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hai friends, it s very urgent ...pls do help me out ...... please to help in working with load run..

Answer / dillesh

For Single user you can get the response time when you dry
run the script using Vugen. but for 5 virtual users you
have to execute the script in LoadRunner Controller, after
run the scenario for 5 vusers you will get Analysis results
and find the average response time for Vusers.

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