Load Runner Interview Questions
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Hi, this is hari. I reciently joined in a small company on testing. there is no team for testing am only the person to do. i know manual testing, i have knowledge on QTP 8.2. I currently working on web based application. but in my company they want Load/Performance testing. plese tell me what i have to do?? i know Load runner but i have no real time exp on that! and In which areas i have to apply QTP??


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Where do you set Iteration for Vuser testing?

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Why do you create parameters?

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When do you disable log in Virtual User Generator?

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Explain all the web recording options? How did you find web server related issues?

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What is mutation testing?

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Explain lr_debug_message?

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How many types of scripts generated in Load Runner?

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What is visual recorder in Load Runner?

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What is a function to capture dynamic values in the web?

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How do you perform functional testing under load?

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Explain lr_output_message?

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What are the parameters in Load Runner?

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How did you find database related issues?


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What is the use of "swing time" in Load Runner?

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what are the skip functions in Load Runner?


Hi all, In Monitoring, if u want to know0 how much disk space the app has taken to deploy? Plz help me.


Which are online monitors and windows resource monitors


Suppose ur app server is .net server. In that connection pool is related to memory ?explain how?


What is Standard deviation? How it will use in Lr?


how to add 100 for dynamic(correlate value) value


What are the documents your using ,and how your distibute the users


How we tested remote servers if client is installed in another place


when a Load Runner controller fails?


what is remote performance monitering?


Hi, How can we know that the app deployed in Weblogic Server in percentage?


How could you measures Https/Sec ?


How to upload media use loadrunner? I record the script but it fail because the top of document is invalidation.How to solve the problem?Which one know the answer please tell me. Thanks!


Our desired performance test application where could be installed like(web or app or db server)


difference between latency and transaction response time