WinRunner Interview Questions
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What is the function in WR for replacing the existed data to blank?

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What are the different kinds of testings done by WR

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When Both Developer and Test Engineer conducting testing different?

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If u press a push button in an application the winrunner generates tsl statement like button_press(..) i.e the class name of the object and the event on that object but Why if u click a static text in an application the winrunner generates tsl statemen like win_mouse_click rather than the statement with combination of classname and event..??


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If I do not check any of the add-ins that pops up initially, for which type of application can I do scripting?


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Does WinRunner have recovery mechanism built in?

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Is it possible to run a WinRunner script without using GUI Map file? If yes how?


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Which Key is pressed to toggle between Analog and Context Sensitive Mode?

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please tell me how to explain the project by taking any project (like banking product), how to start explaing?what will be the order of priority e.g.,like purpose, modules, HLDs LLDs etc., in testing point of view (as a testengineer). rightnow i can't explain my project though i've done plz help me ..

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what is deployment?and who do deploy in a server, and when ?

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What are Optinal Properties and Obligation Properties? please explain in detail.

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How do u check FONTS in Login Window?


What is Configuration Management?


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What is the difference bitween Client/Server Applications and Web Applicaions?

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How to check the Back Ground Color of screen in Winrunner?

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I want to do smoke test in my application but i have learnt the application before recording but im getting an error class name not found while running the script.I want to check each links and each text in my application. Can anybody answer my quesion plz.If it is possible i want test script for Yahoo login form with "New User" Login.


How to find the local host name using winrunner ?


i would like to know the steps to write tsl exception and object exception with a simple example


Hi iam a begginer or rather new stsrter to QTP and strugling to start as i have to start writing the automated scripts for the existing manual testing could some one send me some tips ans tricks for a jump start. Any help is greatly appreciated


What are the platforms that WinRunner can be used?


you hae a inbox and got a mail how can you know it is there or not write script.


How do you call windows APIs, explain with an example?


How should we write and execute a user define function using WinRunner.


descriptive program for web application.


Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?


For my web Application I am recording website by WR. but the fuctions are displaying normal recorded fun. such as set_window...etc. eventhough i selected web add-in at start up WR. how to use web functions? such as web_link_click.... pls. guide


How to test Fonts and its size thru "Font Expert" in Win Runner.


How enviornment veriable can be included into my script. I want to include some information into my Excel file using Test run in WR. like User name of system? waht is function to be used? Please clarify.....


Which are default codes winrunner generates when we start the application?


Dear all i am new to testing my company using and we are developing web based application. How i can test those application with winrunner if any one have some good tutorial or link kindly provide thanks u.