WinRunner Interview Questions
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what are the default addin?s provided by WR

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Where are test cycle folders created if TSL Script is not saved

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which option allows to execute script from a given location

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what is the key combination to terminate script execution

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how are virtual object configured

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how do to stop the functionality of UDF

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which checkpoint is used to analyze the appearance of AUT

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how do you analyze the properties associated with object

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What are the three windows displayed when a mismatch occurs in Bitmap verification

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in which file Data of a Table is stored for further analysis

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Where are multiple properties of object stored

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what is the file extension for object in AUT captured by WR

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How are objects set to appropriate class

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What is the use of Merge option provided in WR

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which function executes multiple TSL script

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Hi iam a begginer or rather new stsrter to QTP and strugling to start as i have to start writing the automated scripts for the existing manual testing could some one send me some tips ans tricks for a jump start. Any help is greatly appreciated


what is the use of generate script that is avaliable 3 places(file settings, tools, object identification)


Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?


Which function to use to compare the application date with system date?


write a compilemodule function for loginscreen.


i get error "winrruner cannot identify object" and gives details like the physical description of object "windowsFor....378734a_11" has changed descritpion in GUI map new discription Description { { class:object class:object Msw_id:264896 Msw_id:918548 } } Below is a script of functionality where amount is transfered from users account ,first contact summary of user is opened then transfer button is available on which we click .on clicking transfer form opens and various details are entered like amount to be transfer,transfer type .line where i m getting error is obj_mouse_click (" have marked it with red in script .0.378734a", 164, 10, i would be very thankful if anyone can give help related to this problem. *SCRIPT IS BELOW:-* > # Shell_TrayWnd > set_window ("Shell_TrayWnd", 1); > toolbar_button_press ("ToolbarWindow32_1", "Contact summary - > Scheme: > SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - V."); # Button Number > 3; > > # Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - Local - > V. > set_window ("Contact summary - Scheme: SCHEME CARD PROGRAM (admin - > Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("CommandBar1", 437, 15, LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 1); > obj_mouse_click ("", 164, 10, > LEFT); > > # #32769 > set_window ("#32769", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 138, 9, > LEFT); > > # Transfer (admin - Local - V. > set_window ("Transfer (admin - Local - V.", 0); > obj_mouse_click ("", 166, > 13, LEFT); >


how can you explain your Real Estate Project in front of interviewer..? please step by step......


Can anybody Explain me about the liasing with the developers,and a tester can make a test plan well?plz explain me as soon as possible ,thanx in advance.


What is the XML test cases creation?


wat is the d/b windows 95&98&xp?could anybody give reply ?


How do u check FONTS in Login Window?


What are the platforms that WinRunner can be used?


soft key for virtual object wizard ?


i would like to know the steps to write tsl exception and object exception with a simple example