WinRunner Interview Questions
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In my application I was supposed to test two columns.The first column1 belongs to one module and the other column2 belongs to other module.The content in both the columns is same.I supposed to check whether the data present in the column1 is same as the one in column2. Each column contains number of rows.So checking each row manually is diificult.Is there any option available in WinRunner or QTP to check the column data.These two columns are available in Data Base Tables. One way is that I can just number of rows in each column so that I can get rows count of both the columns,but apart from that I was supposed to check whether the data is also same in both the tables. Can anybody suggest me how I can go about this.

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what is the difference between copy and call?

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soft key for virtual object wizard ?

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Wat is the defferances between Test plan and devolopment plan?

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How you used WinRunner in your project?

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Explain WinRunner testing process?

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What is contained in the GUI map?

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How does WinRunner recognize objects on the application?

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Have you created test scripts and what is contained in the test scripts?

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How does WinRunner evaluate test results?

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Have you performed debugging of the scripts?

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How do you run your test scripts?

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How do you analyze results and report the defects?

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What are the different modes of recording?

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What is the purpose of loading WinRunner Add-Ins?

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How do you call windows APIs, explain with an example?


What are the Win Runner tools for functional testing?


what is risk?


What is toogle breakpoints? How does it differ from break points?


what is mean by release in quality center and who will perfom?


can i get apex technologies interview questions in testing


Are there any suitable free tools to conduct performance test on a php web application?Manual or automation which is preferable for such kind of application? please answer ASAP


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Could you anyone share me the path to download the automation tools which are having trial license version?


How do you suppress a regular expression?


plz give me code or steps for pop up exception. or can u tell me how to pause test run for defining handler function?


What are the platforms that WinRunner can be used?


global sheet and external excel sheet how it will work


What is test parameter


Can anybody Explain me about the liasing with the developers,and a tester can make a test plan well?plz explain me as soon as possible ,thanx in advance.