prepare test cases for file copy paste.

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / sudhanandareddy

verify that how much time it is taking for paste the file.
verify that till it is available for paste after paste once.

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / ramprasad.s

Two Options.
1.Right click & check
2.Select Edit Option & check

Right click the document Check copy option is available
Check For document Copy Then Check for Past Option over
a New Document.

Select the Copy Document using edit option then
Paste the document using the same edit option over a
new Document
Finally check Existing document & pasted Document ,
Both Should match.

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / pallavi

also we should check that the Original file and pasted file
contents are simillar or nor.

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / ganga

First of all, you need to use different test cases for each
of the options, as follows-

1. verify that selecting copy option after right-clicking on
the file, actually copies the file (on to the clipboard)

to do this, click on Run and type 'clipbrd' command. Press
Enter. The clipboard will open and you should be able to see
the file name (path)

then the 'copy file' test case is verified.

2. verify that selecting paste option after right-clicking
on another location (folder)

the file should be displayed.

Now you can carryout with other test cases like checking the
file name, type, size, file path, contents, and also, if the
original file is also present in its original location.

Another test case regarding file name of the copied file is,
to check by pasting the file in (a)the same location as the
original file, (b)different location than that of the
original file.

if pasted in the same location, it should show "copy of..",
"copy2 of.." and so on, as many times as you paste.

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / guest

1.Right click on the file and verify that copy option is
available in the menu. 2.Select the copy option and try to
paste it in new folder. 3.Verify that the file is copied in
new folder. 4.Verify that the size of the both files are
same. 5.Verify that the file is copied using Ctrl+c,ctrl+v

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prepare test cases for file copy paste...

Answer / swapnil

hi i m swapnil
First i ask u all buuddy that is there not a mouse 2 use
right clik what we do
so we doing manual testing so go for key board n use short
keys also that's become good testcase
Answer:- First we select(control A) created file than use
short keys for copy(control c)option n than go 2 new
folder n paste(control v) there n check that whole file is
Test Cases are as fellows:-
1.check memory of folder(whole word)which we copy
2.check same file is paste
3.check copy the file or not
4.check paste the file or not
5.check same font of alphanumiric paste
6.check font size

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