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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example..

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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example....

Answer / rajesh. veggalam

hi ,
here requirements are give to the client .based on we write
the scenarios
ex: login page
scenarios on login page :
1.enter the url and click whether the page is open or not
2. the default focus cursor should be on user name
3. password should be encrypted format
4. password should not copied
5. input domain testing on user name and password
6. properties check on buttons
7.functionality check of the buttons in login page
8.authentication testing
9. check the session time out
10.check the cookies
like .....................

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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example....

Answer / anoop

verifying that a user is able to manage his e-mail inbox
such as view all messages, send a message, manage
folders, logout…etc with a valid user login and password

test case:
is e-mail login page is displaying
is the user able to login using his login id and password
is he able to view his inbox
is he able to delete unwanted -mails…etc

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How to write a scenario from requirements?give an example....

Answer / novic

Take another example of date field.
1. enter the month > 12
2.enter the date > 31, 30,28 or 29 depends on the month end
3. enter year > or < the client requirement
4. Change the format and check
5. check dd/mm/yy with 0 values
7. check with negative values
8. if u have calendar object next to it, check it shows the
same date when u r clicking.
9. check are u able to navigate in calendar object, month-
wise, year-wise.
and more.......

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