Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the entry criteria and exit criteria of integation testing.

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What kinds of testing have you done?

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How do you perform regression testing?

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At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin in your opinion?

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What made you pick testing over another career?

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What is the exact difference between Integration & System testing, give me examples with your project.

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How did you go about testing a project?


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When should testing start in a project? Why?

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How do you go about testing a web application?

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Difference between Black & White box testing

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When should testing be stopped?


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How does unit testing play a role in the development / software lifecycle?


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Give me some examples of how you have participated in Integration Testing.


How would you ensure 100% coverage of testing?

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What is UML and how to use it for testing?

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what is the difference between Test-bed and test topology?


Please anyone give answers for all below questions and help ? realtimers please and please share your knowledge.lot of questions left unanswered.


What Is risk Based testing?


Hi, i am looking job in perfomance testing using Loadrunner can any body help me a project in any domine plz(Usah)


what are the testing appraoch that you have tested for Bread toaster


hi this is satish can some one help me out by sending the maxium notes on client sesrver ,web server and company architechture project hirearchy and company hirearchy i will happy to recive the answers as early as possible


There is only requirements document. You have 10 days and 8 resources to release the system.At the end of the 8th day u tell ur TL that system is ready for release. How will you proceed with the testing process or in other words what all approach you will follow once you get requirements


What is Test Design?


What is test management?


2.what is the differnce bet project volume and v.s.s and what is the advantage of v.s.s?


can anyone tell me the questions that can be posed in an interview for a 5 year experienced person in manual testing


In Manual testing how to test proxy servers? can u please explain with example?


whta is compile module?


How will you set the Dependency in the Quality center? Say if you will fail a test case and two or more test cases are dependent on that particular test case. In this case how will you handle in failing the test case.


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