Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the entry criteria and exit criteria of integation testing.

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What kinds of testing have you done?

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How do you perform regression testing?

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At what stage of the life cycle does testing begin in your opinion?

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What made you pick testing over another career?

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What is the exact difference between Integration & System testing, give me examples with your project.

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How did you go about testing a project?


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When should testing start in a project? Why?

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How do you go about testing a web application?

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Difference between Black & White box testing

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When should testing be stopped?


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How does unit testing play a role in the development / software lifecycle?


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Give me some examples of how you have participated in Integration Testing.


How would you ensure 100% coverage of testing?

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What is UML and how to use it for testing?

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what are the types of Bug?


give me a example of writing a test case,take any good example which i can understand easily.


What are similarities of Agile and Scrum?


What do you mean by Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and User Acceptance Testing and when do you do them?


10 scenarios for security testing using gmail applications?


date format and we should 8 digits - not accepted only /accepted write how many in test cases in the date format valid , and in valid


What is Mixed Testing


Please is there any one working with ITR.COM? Having interview with them. Any tips will help.


. Is any graph is used for code coverage analysis?


Can anybody give me some tips on how to face telephonic interview and Write some expected telephonic questions as a 2+yr exp. in testing. Try to give Ques. that u already hv faced in telephone. Plz Help me out friends.


what are the tests u did in entire project? when it did in the project? (means at the release build to end of project) plz explain clearly


What is the role of the test group vis-?is documentation, tech support, and so forth?


Tell me the algo for convering number into words. Meanse if the number is 4567 then it should print Four Thousand Five Hundred Sixty Seven


6 what do you like least about testing?


What does 100% statement coverage mean?