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How do you perform regression testing?

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How do you perform regression testing?..

Answer / purni

Regression testing mean when ever there is a change or bug
is fixed then to make sure that the changes or fixing the
bug didn't affect any other functionality of the
application. To make sure, they run the application again
and again. It's the same thing in performance testing. To
make sure the applications is performing it functionalily
or performance issue they conduct the regression testing.

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How do you perform regression testing?..

Answer / tabu

when ever u get the new build,regression testing is done.
it is mainly done to ensure that the new fixes have not
created any issues in the new build.secondly,the old issues
which have been fixed are working properly and thirdly,due
to new enhancements or new fixes, added in the new build the
old fuctionality of the page or module should not be effected.

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How do you perform regression testing?..

Answer / rajesh.pothina

It is done on the new build .When u get the new version
then we will execute the defects on the new build to check
whether the defects are closed or not.

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How do you perform regression testing?..

Answer / b g suresh

Regression test can be done as below:
1) Execute all the basic/major functionalities in the
previous modules.
2) Test the newly delivered module.
3) Check for any integration points between the old and new
4) Test the application with all sorts(valid+invalid) of

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