Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the value of a testing group? How do you justify your work and budget?

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What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?



What are the key challenges of testing?

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Have you done exploratory or specification-driven testing?

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How do you prioritize testing tasks within a project?

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When should you begin testing?


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Do you know of metrics that help you estimate the size of the testing effort?

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How do you scope out the size of the testing effort?


Who should you hire in a testing group and why?

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What is the testing lifecycle and explain each of its phases?

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What is Negative testing?

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What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?


Define each of the following and explain how each relates to the other: Unit, System, and Integration testing.

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Explain the differences between White-box, Gray-box, and Black-box testing.

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When are you done testing?


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please send me database stored procedure checklist.


Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?


Hi Everybody could you please send me the ISTQB Material to my mail id Thanking you in advance


Write 2 scenarios for Integration testing? Please let me know its urgent.


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


Work flow in testing in your company?


Hello again!! wanted to ask you HOW EXACTLY create stubs and driver in integration testing? 2.whats the difference between integration testing and system integration testing? Thanks!!


can anybody send the project you have tested with the clear descriptions,and recent bugs u found in that


Can anyone please suggest me a online book on manual testing??


Hi Please tell me about ERP Project how do describe in interview Please tell me details about this project my id is


hi what are the test cases for web application..i need these example..please..mail me at


Iam new to testing field and i put lot of experiences so i want to get prepared for the interview in all the ways both in manual and Automation can any one help me how to answer there questions in real time. also can anyone send the top questions and answers to me plz its urget u can mail me at


Plz give me manual testing real test case ?


What are the queries mostly asked in testing ? give me some examples.


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