Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is the difference between bug log and defect report?

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exact definition of defect tracking?

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Where we save the bugs?


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how do i write perfect test case for functional testing

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What is the main difference between Smoke and sanity testing? Can u plz give me some examples? And to answer in interwview?

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What is differnce between bug and error?

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can you tell me test case for notepad?


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10 scenarios for security testing using gmail applications?

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in compatability and installation testings ,which one is conducted or performed on an application initially

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Write a Test Case to test Can of Coke?


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Where exactly the testing people will involving in SDLC?

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What is checkpoint? How can you handle the checkpoints?

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An Web Application is added with two new features. what will be your test approach? Please guys tell me the answer?

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what is the need of white box tesing before doing black box testing?


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what is the need of black box testing after completing white box tesing?


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what are the templates for daily,weekly and monthly reports? plz reply ASAP.


How to test an Scheduled event? For ex: in an investment banking application, the scheduler will create an equity anbd user has nothing to do but tester has to test if the instrument is created properly or not?


what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan?


qtp9.2 and qtp10.0 difference


What do you mean by Cause Effect Graphing? in which standard its mentioned?


anybody there with 3+ exp in software testing looking for change and like to work in bangalore fwd your resume to


What are differences in testing a client server and a web application?


what are metrics and what are metrics did u collect in you are project


What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


what are the prerequisite conditins to test clientserver and web applications


What is middle ware testing?? what are the companies using this tech?


Write the function test case to add a customer to database.


What is Catapult Testing in E-Learning Domain?


What is the responsibility of programmer’s vs QA?


what is the test plan of facebook?