Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Which is the cost effective model between V Model and Waterfall model and V model and Spiral model

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Generally which software development model is used in project based companies?

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wat if fiddler and how it is used in tesing an application. please explain with a real time scenario


what is difference between test harness and test bed. Are they same? Plz reply.......

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I went RightPath Hyderabad Fresher Job on Testing the following Questions they asked...

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what is regression testing?


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For a functionality we have 20 test cases, among 20 testcases 15 of them are Passed and 5 Failed. How will you report to your Manager ? Does the functionality passed or failed or partial passed/failed ??


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What are the Major Functionality for a ATM machine ??


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For a functionality 50 test cases are passed and we released the code with all the test reports etc etc.. But in customer side all the 50 test cases are failed. How will you answer for this error to ur manager and Customer?


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Any one send me sample question for multimedia testing with microsoft access database. I am having interview next week. Please post it or send me my personal e-mail. Thank You


What is the difference between QA and QC in testing activity.

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is live tech training institute best for learning testing tools in ameerpet

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in your currency project architecture?

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could u pls anyone tel me .."which is the best instute that provides eficient practical knowledge and also real-time oriented knowldge to do a project in manual and automation hyd" pls send me to dis mail-id if u find any..?


Q) Create Preffered customer: As a customer when i purchase more than $5000 in goods since my first purchase, I become a preffered customer so that i can receive the benefits associated with that status.

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how many meeting in realtime environment? what are they?plz explain?


What is difference between Manual testing and Pega/BPM testing?


Test cases on send/ receive button of Microsoft outlook.


If you're given a program that will average student grades, what kinds of inputs would you use?


What is difference between Bug resolution meeting & Bug Review Committee? Who are participants?


What is Application Performance testing and Operational performance testing


IF ASCII_CODE_OF_ENTERED_CHAR is less than 44 THEN reject it ELSE IF ASCII_CODE_OF_ENTERED_CHAR is greater than 56 THEN reject it ELSE it's a digit, so accept it Which one of the following sets of ASCII codes do you use to test the sample code above WITHOUT redundant coverage?


is it not possible to automate full project??what r the parts in project that cant be automated(tht has to be done manually)?


Pls u can u r mail id to my personal mail id also if they dont want to give u r mail id n comman place


what is the difference between website and web based application ?


hi this is satish can some one help me out by sending the maxium notes on client sesrver ,web server and company architechture project hirearchy and company hirearchy i will happy to recive the answers as early as possible


Which was the most interesting bug you found.


What is Batch testing? Facets Benefit Configuration


What are the standard you follow in your company to prepare test plan document? Content is same in every standard or not. Also is there any document to read about the testing standards? Thanks in advance for giving me the answer.


1.How to maintain the Bug status Report? 2.What is project based Company and product based company?