Manual Testing Interview Questions
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how do u connect data base in td?

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What Is iterative testing? Explain with example.pls thanking u in advance

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How do we create a regression sute in td


Hi Friends, Please help me in providing System test cases examples Thanks in Advance


About database testing,plz proide me the link for database testing doucments. Koteswar Rao


what is d difference between software development life cycle & system development life cycle?


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what is deployement?

Kumaran Systems,

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What is Software Testing ?

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Hi Everybody could you please send me the ISTQB Material to my mail id Thanking you in advance


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what is a Checklist

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What we mean by Stealth Bug


what is use case

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Hi, could you please send me the ISTQB Material to my mail id

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What is defect WITHDRAW? When you do this?



next week i have a interview how to preopare the interview both manual and autolmation pls help me bcoz i ma fresher ple very soom thankl for and advance

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How do you determine user soad for a perf test of a Web application?


Hi friends, currently i am working with banking domain project in the part of testing..what kind of questions will be ask at interviews.. can anybody listout the project oriented questions which are asked in interviews...


can u merge 10GUI map files into a single GUI map file in winrunner?


Tell me a critical defect in which your Client,PM,PL appreciate on you


If anyone have attended interview with deloitte for the post of senior manual test engineer. Please share the interview process and the questions asked. How to prepare for the interview. Thanks in advance


In how many ways you perform batchtesting ?


what s test block ratio? please any one answer me..


Why Equivalence Partitioning is called equivalence or what is the significance of equivalence term in ECP?


Hi Frnds, this is Aman.. can anybody tell me plz what kind of QA Interview questions are asked by IDS Infotech Ltd., Chandigarh? I have lil bit experience only in Manual Testing.. Plz answer my question as soon as possible.. Thnx in advance..


Hello everybody, How many people do you think one sprint team can have in average?


Changes and enhancements to system?


Test cases for Internal IP Messenger


1) how will you do validation testing in combo box ? (2)Suppose user does not want maximum length validation message, but when tester inserts data in textbox and it gets truncated, how will you resolve this issue ? (3)if a user inserts maximum number in quantity textbox in a PHP based web application then what result will show?


Being an Manual tester, what will be the role or activity in test plan ?


what are the risk factors in the project? what is the base for testplan and entry criteria ,exit criteria for test plan?