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what is deployement?

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what is deployement? ..

Answer / akhilesh

Deployment is a process of making an executable file of
code. Once code is ready and unit testing is performed by
developer, they deploye and make a build of the code on the
server for testing.

After making changes in the peace of code, the changes will
not be reflected in the build unless developer deploye the
same on server.

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what is deployement? ..

Answer / rama

After making changes to a peace of code that code will be
deployed in a server where those changes get reflects to
that user. This is called deployment.

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what is deployement? ..

Answer / mrunalini

Once the application is developed,tested & working according
to the requirements it should be installed at the customers
place for their usage. This procedure is called as deployment.

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what is deployement? ..

Answer / raman

Deployment is basicly a process which is performed using any
tool (like tivoli, SCCM.) to deploy the software packege on
the destination server.We check the changes done by the
installation nnce the software package is deployed
successfully on the destination server.

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what is deployement? ..

Answer / mudaseer

test engineer raises a bug so the developer will fix it and if he uploads to the server the changes will be done this is know n as deployment

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