Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Hi, Can anybody send some test scenarios or testcases sample for Finance domain on sales and accounting application. I am very new to Finance domain. Or else please send to my mailID "". Thanks in Advance, Manoj


What are the object repositories for QTP????friends Plz help me in finding answer for the above....thanq

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What is Bug Triage?


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Orthogonal Arry Testing?


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Which testing is this- opening .mp3 file through IE Option- 1. cross browser testing 2. Negative testing 3. black box testing


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Which testing is this- verifying the funtionality of each programme 1. white box testing 2. black box testing 3. glass box testing 4. grey box testing


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which out of the following can be considered as performance testing:- 1. Benchmarking 2.Recovery testing 3. more than one user testing



Difference between cache and cookie.


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Suppose in your Project have 2 test engineers.Module A is tested by You and Module B is tested by another Test Engineer.module A and B has inter related functions.Then how you check the functionality of the module??


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boundry value range for the a and b where a/b=c conditions 1. if c <1000 2. if c b/w 1000 and 2000 3. if c > 2000


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Standards of user interface testing?



why did u chose software testing?


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how do u define quality of software?


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what are the storage class in C?


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what is the diff b/w local and global variable?


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Give me sample test cases for smoke testing


which domain is of high demand for software testing, Right now i am working in Education domain .How about demand for Education domain and which companies are recruiting in education domain


What are all the netwoking tools, hardware tools and software tools required for testing a web-based n client server applicatopn?


What do you do (with the project staff) when the schedule fails?


hi friends i recently finished testing course in am looking for a job in uk.i need help about the projects in interview point.can any one explain me abt banking project or credit what are the problems faced in u r last project etc.


What is frame level testing and how do we test it?


If there is non reproducible bug which developer is not ready to agree, how you will convince him.


hi sir, i completed my GNIIT from NIIT. i recently joined in IT company for Testing(manual) on JD EDWARDS.So,i wanna to ask that after taking 1yr experience can i able to do Testing .NET in another company.Pl i am confused pl send yours suggestion throw my email(


Hi to all..Now am working at one company as Software tester..I have selected for Accenture via one consultancy.. They have told that joining date will be on 19 th july..But now they are postponed joining date..whether i can trust that or not?Can u plz tell??plzz..whether i can put my paper to releive or not? CAn u telll?


what is the technical challange you faced in your module.please ans me the question i just want example can me any example please very important


what do you mean by Develop test data through sourcing (or) handcrafting techniques


discuss black box and white box testing is not widely used if you disagree tell me why?


What is Snapshot Testing? When we need to do and who will involve in this process and also what is the output document of this testing


can anyone tell me few critical bugs in ecommerce project.


What is Test methodology, Testing type , Testing approach, Testing technique & Testing methods. Explain with example.