Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is Retesting?


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What is White Box testing and who is responsible for white box testing?


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What is Black Box testing and who is responsible for Black box testing?


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What is software development Life Cycle (SDLC)? where exactly the Testing activity begin in SDLC?

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What is the smoke testing and sanity testing..?what is the difference?


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In development costs what percent Software testing accounts?


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How do you carry usability testing?

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what are the major observations that you made when you are doing compatibility testing particularly in web applications?


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How do you test cookies?


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what is the difference between test case and test scenario.Explain with example?

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What is the difference between debugging and manual testing?


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When test plan will be prepared in v-model?


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when the test plan will be prepared in waterfall model?


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what is monkey testing?


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what are the documents that will be created in testing cycle?


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write test condition for testing SMS service of a mobile phone maximun length is 100 character while sending and 80 character for receiving write test scenarios do not write test cases


what is your daily activities?


Can Anbody please send me Daily Work status format in which I can save my daily work activity


HI can i know who is taking real time testing classes in banglore? i am preparing to put 3+year experience in testing if possible anybody give suggestions for preparing 3+exp


IN SQL SERVER 2005, With out using Query, hw can u break down USER NAME & PASSWORD to enter the software.


What is difference between Bug resolution meeting & Bug Review Committee? Who are participants?


what are your thoughts on SPRINT duration


write test case for gmail login page


What are the standard you follow in your company to prepare test plan document? Content is same in every standard or not. Also is there any document to read about the testing standards? Thanks in advance for giving me the answer.


Hi friends I am kranti completed my IT diploma in 2005 & after that complete my software testing course. Now I am working in small software form as software tester. I have 2 + year experience in manual testing. Now I wan to change company. Plz told me is there any effect that I can not have any degree although I have 2 + experience ?


What is data matrix? What is the use of it?


i want information about API testing and i want info like how process can be done in company? i want added info like coding ,debugging, desing in c.v ? what should add in c.v for eg banking domin? pls any answer my question?


Iam new to testing field and i put lot of experiences so i want to get prepared for the interview in all the ways both in manual and Automation can any one help me how to answer there questions in real time. also can anyone send the top questions and answers to me plz its urget u can mail me at


hi this is chik here iam showing my current project ERP and am prepair in hr model please tell me details about it and what all function test in hr model and give me some test caserelated to this module.Please tell me am faceing lots of problem in interview am not able to explain in interview please help me out my id is


Can some one help me writing a manual test case for email applications like yahoo i need for