Manual Testing Interview Questions
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which knowledge is must for tester

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What are the testing processes after getting SRS to tester?

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what i s SRS

Accenture, CLG, BPR,

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when tester found bug then where it is assign to developer or testlead

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What is Pilot testing ?

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How to write a test case for White board? Plz help me with this....


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What are the types of testings that can be performed on a login window.

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What is the diffrence between Beta Testting & Acceptance Testing

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This is the question related to Traceability Matrix. Say we have 10 requirements for a project. If one of the testing team member misses the 9th requirement. Then how can we justify the Traceability Matrix and what is the further action to be taken. Please advice.


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In a listbox of cities, if I enter B, it should display all the cities starting with B, then if i type BA, then all cities starting with BA and so on. Pls anyone give me all the positive and negative test cases for this. It is urgent. Realtime questions pls.

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What is the difference between Product tester and Software Tester?Is there any difference?

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How do we measure quality of testing? What are parameter of this?


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What is Usability testing, pls explain with example.

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What is the difference bet white box testing and black box testing.pls give me an example

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What is the diff bet test scenario and test case.

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Can i get answers for telecom testing for eg telecom billing rating can be tested


1.How can you Pick Integration Test Cases? 2.When will you start Regression Testing? 3.What is the difference between QA & QC? 4.When Will you Exit In Testing? 5.Test Deliverable's 6.What is the difference between windows based appln and web based appln? 7.What are the types of regression testing?


What is common interface?


explain fish model in detail?


Hi If anyone from banglore want to know the real time senario like writting Test cases and how things actually happens in a company. I am taking a 2 hours class which will cover all the real time experiance and guidence for job. classes are counducted only at weekends. for further queries mail me at Vinodh Anandhan Software Test Engineer


Hi friends Does anyone have screen shot of POWERMHS and please can anyone post anything which will be helpful to understand POWERMHS. thanks.


If we have 9 floor n 3 eggs n we have to check from which floor the egg wont get can we do that


Which of these techniques is not useful for partition testing at the class level Option 1 attribute-based partitioning Option 2 category-based partitioning Option 3 equivalence class partitioning Option 4 state-based partitioning


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


Hello can anybody list out supported and unsupported browsers for Window OS,Android OS,MAC OS Ubuntu


What is mean by multi-threading testing?


1.what is the approach while writing test cases in your project. 2.tell some intresting scenareo in your project


How do you get programmers to build testability support into their code?


tell wat u did in ur banking project?


Hi there Does anybody can respond to my Questions? Is some one there to answer my Questions posted in Software testing category.pls E-mail to