Manual Testing Interview Questions
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when will you do the requirement analysis?

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How to crash or negative testing on a the web based game application



how to find which server is not responding properly when there are 10000 servers without any tool



When is Ad-hoc Testing done in a project?

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What is broken link? how to test in a web application.

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what exactly meaning of Defect Differed ??


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Why you think tester is more important for good quality of the product?

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Tell the procedure to close word file?

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Hi, i want any refernce in the YODLEE. i heard that there is opening for the manual testing. Please reply soon at

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Suppose i want to test an application with in three week, how i will prepare test strategy for this testing.? which testing types should i follow?


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hai friends i completed my degre( distance i have no inter(+2) right know iam doing mca from distance education can i elgible for software in testing process

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If the user finds deviation from the requirement is it called Fault, Error, Defect or Failure

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Loop Testing Comes Under 1. White box Testing 2. Block Box Testing 3. Green Box Testing 4. Yellow Box Testing

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What is difference between Defect and Bug?

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Difference between System Testing and System Intergration Testing(SIT) with Example

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When have you had to focus on data integrity?


1)can u tell me, what is the roles and responsibles for database tester in DB testing from requirement stage to UAT stage....2) what are the i/p documents he wants and who wil give the i/p docs. to DB tester.and tell me what exactly db test case means what?


How to do Pixel Size testing in a PDF document. Is there any Open tool that will be avaiable?


Write the function test case to add a customer to database.


There is an opening in our organization Sierra Atlantic, Hyderabad. All Manual test engineers with 2-3 years of experience can forward your resumes to before May 01, 2008. (Only manual testers) with a covering letter, current CTC and Expected CTC.


what is JAVA TESTING? What Testers will do in JAVA Testing. Can any one Give suitable Ans Pls. it's urgent


functional testing test cases for transfer funds ?


how to test ecg machine?


What are drawbacks in system development life cycle


what should be tested when credit card is used as payment option in ecommerce project?can anyone tell me in detail what to test n how to test when credit card is involved in web application?


name poneno dept sun 9894433467 computer This is the xls sheet a programs written to transfer this data into database write test cases and test scenario?


What are the Major Functionality for a ATM machine ??


What is a test severity and test priority? difference between them with suitable examples?


What are the interview question on insurance domain in manual testing


How we allocate the priority(Blocker, Critical, etc.,) in Testing?