Manual Testing Interview Questions
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hi, I want the sample project documentation, will any one guide me by giving the procedures, mail me in my mail id thanks in advance

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Hi I want the technical documentation for a sample project, if any one knows about the details plz guide me, mail at thanks in advance


what are the test bugs


what is system testing .what are the system test cases .and what are the testing done in system testing

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what is agile testing when to perform this? have you performed agile testing anytime?please let me know more about this

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what is release notes?and when it is prepared and who prepares that?.


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what is check list?what is use of check list?who prepares that?


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what is proto type model?

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what is 'v'model?

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?


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Please explain software release process in detail.

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Hi this is satish from bangalore I wanted to take up my ISTQB Foundation level Certification can any one help me out with the date of test..

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what is the meaning of the negative testing?

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What is difference between the Build version id and software version id ?

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What is Bugzilla? Can I used it manually, If yes then how can i used it? Can I used it in .NET Environment?

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Did any one completed CSTE certiication? can u send sample question papers? how to apply that? pls send it to my mail id - THANKS IN ADVANCE


Can test condition,testcase and testscript help u in performing the static testing


Could someone please send me real check list for Database Security testing.Please my mail ID- Thanks.


What is Web testing & which action we take at the time of Web Testing?


How to test the search functionality.For example in naukri advance search is ca i test that page.


what is the testing approach for windows Explorer(Not IE Explorer)


i want manual and automation test cases and interview questions


Hi Friends, Can anubody give me brief overview of Automation tools.. (basics of tools-summary)of following tools? 1.Qualty Center 2.Load Runner 3.Win Runner 4.Q.T.P mail me on


What is Stability and Performance Testing in Testing the TV


please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


Can any one please tell me which is the best institute in Bangalore to learn QA (crash course)? Thanks


what is your daily activities?


plz tell me the difference b/w PB/MF based appl.with examples. Thanks


Explain Test Plan with example? Explain following in the test plan with examples What is being tested? What are pass/fail criteria? When will each test occur? What Hardware & Software environment is required? What features must be tested? What features will not be tested? What are the responsibilities of individuals & organisation in the project?


write test case for gmail sign up page?