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what is proto type model?

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what is proto type model?..

Answer / shamily

hi friends lemme try to explain this..

This model is recommended when the client requirements is
not we need to prepare some sample or the
application to be developed.this prototype is demonstrated
to this clients to get the approval.
once it is approved from the approved prototype we prepare
system requirements specifications.

once the srs\frs is prepared prototype will be discarded
and the remaining SDLc activities will be carried out based
on srs.

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what is proto type model?..

Answer / chinna


can u explain about prototype model indetail plz?

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what is proto type model?..

Answer / ajay

HI All
Proto type is a breif model developed, based on the
sepcifications just for Demo purpose which discribes the
project flow. (Means screen shots with discription inlcudes
navigation, data storage explanation ect..)


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what is proto type model?..

Answer / laxmi

in prototype model we can get screen shots of the

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