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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / hello


Smoke Testing means checking whether the main
functionalities of application are working properly or not.

Sanity Testing means checking whether the application is
accepting cusomer expected values or not.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / giini

When we get the build initial we perform smoke testing the
aim of this testing is to check basic functionality. Ex. by
giving URL home page should be open.It is wide approach.We
touch all the functions but not in depth. If smoke testing
fails we do not go for further testing.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / murali

IF its is a interview question

Then add one more sentence to the above words

Its is basic testing. All the tester has first test or
checking the application orally that all the
functionalities are working properly or not.


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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / sanjeev kumar kesarwani

1. When testers receives an application (Build) then smoke
test is run to ascertain if the build is stable and it can
be considered for further testing.
Smoke testing is cursory way of testing an application to
ensure that application is ready for major testing effort.

2. Smoke testing can be done for testing the stability of an
interim build.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / v

I want to know that we have to write test cases first &
then execute test cases.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / varsha b

Smoke testing is basic functionality testing.In this we
perform shallow & wide functionality of application. In
order to ensure application is stable enough to consider it
for further through testing.In this tester actually perform
adhoc testing of major functionalities.After performing
smoke testing if tester feels application is stable then
only it will be considered for actual testing process.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / ashok

for example, consider ATM Machine as a functionality to test.

Smoke testing focuses on the most important functionality.
So here the tester will check whether the machine is reading
the card or not. In this case the other functionalities like
cash withdrawal, balance check etc treated as secondary.

All the secondary things comes in picture in case of Sanity
testing where Tester has to check whether the E2E scenario
is working or not. for example after reading the ATM card,
the user is able to withdraw cash or able to check balance.

Please make me correct if my understanding is wrong...


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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / laxmi


see we have to prepare test cases before getting the build
but we wont execute these test cases on the build while
doing smoke testing ok

for this you must have basic knowledge on the application

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / guest

Hey Mr. V,

Laxmi give u write answer. Then Why r u ask that Whether
he is working as a tester?

If u dont beleive in any person, then leave this forum, and
learn by yourself.

Just believe in others and share the knowledge.

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What actually testers do in Smoke Testing?..

Answer / laxmi

ok suppose on hr application is there ok
in that so many minor functionalities are there but the
major functionalities are like

* name
* DOB.......

IF you wont enter any data in the mandatory field it has to
prompt an error message
and after filling all the mandatary fields then only the
save button should come to enable state
this is one of the major functionality in the application

so we will write test cases for all the functionalities
the particulat(above functionality) test case id is 100.
ok total 300 test cases are there
to execute all those it may take 1 month time.
if suppose you are execute the test cases in the 100th test
case when we click on save button the application crashes
so it is a show stopper

so what the tester will do is first he will check all the
functionalities with out executing all the testcases with
in 2 or 3 days if the build is acceptable testers will do
real testing otherwise we will reject the build.

if you have any doubts post me

ok in

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