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Manual Testing Interview Questions
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How can I do Server side Interface testing in Web Testing?



How can I do a documentation of Test Cases? Which steps are in it?

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How can I done a Web Testing? Which steps are include in it?


What is d differences between sanity and smoke testing with xample?If anyone knows pls ans dis ques

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hi all I have an overall experience of 12 years working in an EDP setup(worked in a manufacturing setup in a German MNC). On my request, I was relieved from my duties in Sep 06 for maternity reasons. However I would like to pursue a career in a software organization as a manual tester. I obtained my proficiency certificate in Software Testing from STAG SOFTWARE LIMITED 2 months ago i.e in May and would now like to continue working in this field. However I am unable to find a job until now. If anybody knows of a opening at bangalore, kindly let me know.


what is the use of end to end testing?we r donig every testing like system and functional testing ect..

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What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?



Explain in detail whole test process activities.


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Why do we need different environments and different data? What is the other name for environment? Justify your explanation ?


How do conduct globalisation testing? anybody can explain this with example.

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Please can any one tell me 1).Types of reports 2).Types of Meetings.


What is a Use Case?


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What is the limitation of First Name, Middle Name & Last Name text box? and what is the limitation 0f Only Name text box?

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If I want to do a version testing then how can I do it? Is there any difference between 1.0 & version?

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plz tell me how can testing testing,functional testing

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What is meant by Boundary value analisis and Equalence partitioning? Can give derive this using these methods? In a system designed to work out the tax to be paid: An employee has £4000 of salary tax free. The next £1500 is taxed at 10% The next £28000 is taxed at 22% Any further amount is taxed at 40% Which of these groups of numbers would fall into the same equivalence class? a) £4800; £14000; £28000 b) £5200; £5500; £28000 c) £28001; £32000; £35000 d) £5800; £28000; £32000


what does 80hz refresh rate indicates?


Tell me the SRS based review,brs based review


What is junit & api?


What are the different ways of doing black box testing?


What are the possible test scenarios around AVS check of any credit card? (Testing through payment gateway online) (What are the fields we should check while checking AVS and CVV)


what type of quetion may be asked for experienced person in manual tester of 1 year?


Can any one say me how to do Performance testing step by step plz for a desktop application(offline application).all the data is stored in internal server itself can any plz help me. ts quite urgent friends.


how can u prepare the test plan?


What is the role of the test group vis-?is documentation, tech support, and so forth?


can somebody plz tel me about financial domain for manual tester?? which kind of application use and what is the approach of testing??


what is system testing? as test eng, what do u do in sys testing? who invoves in sys testing?


Hi Friends, I want to know the best institute in hyderabad which is giving training in 'SAP Testing' and who is the best faculty. Regards, Imtiyaz..


According to RBI rule how much money can be transferred through online banking at one time...?


Hi friends I am kranti completed my IT diploma in 2005 & after that complete my software testing course. Now I am working in small software form as software tester. I have 2 + year experience in manual testing. Now I wan to change company. Plz told me is there any effect that I can not have any degree although I have 2 + experience ?