Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is the entry creteria and exit creteria for system testing

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Is there any template for Test case review? or if it is, include it?

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What is defect density?

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There are some features to improve the performance of a Product. What are those factors?



Explain Functionality Testing Techniques


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What is the structure of the project??? I explained its 3 tire... But that was not the correct answer it seems...


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how many types of functions in qtp

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what is the difference between BVA&ECP?

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After recieved the defect from Tester,developer is not getting any error while executing that bug then he will reject that defect due to the above reason.As a Tester what we can do in that situation?


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Can anyone Give me examples for high Severity and Low priority defects?


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how to prepare Test Environment for an application ?

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Hi this is sridhar,iam working in a small organization and i have 1 year exp in manual testing,which type of questions will ask if i keep 1+exp in other companies.pls send your valuable suggestions for me.And my e-mail id is ne

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Whenever developer will recieved the defect from the tester,then he will go thru the defect whether it is acceptable or not?for that he will execute that application again,while executing if he did not found any such type of defect(what we are rise the defect above),then he will send that defect to the corresponding tester with status of 'reject',as a tester what we can do?(here writing the reproduce steps and attached screen shots has been done by tester while sending the defect to the developer, no need to send reproduced steps and screen shots again)


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i finished writing test caes, logged bugs and also regression testing i finished.when we do user acceptance testing?

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What is the difference between Smoke Test & Sanity Test?

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Do we have any certifications for ETL Testing ?


What are the roles of glass-box and black-box testing tools?


write test case for gmail sign up page?


1)What are the QA procedures followed 2) Write test cases on a web page that has only two dropdown and a submit button, Fist drop down is a countries and second is metros in the selcted countries.When proper selection si doen and submitted it shows weather report of that metro.? 3)Write test cases on Mobile Alarm Module? 4)Write test cases on Company Water Bottle?


what is agile model and spiral maodel?pls explain with an example?


What is data matrix? What is the use of it?


What are the major components of Perf Test Report?


how to indentify memory leakages after the build


Describe a past experience with implementing a test harness in the development of software.


How can you define state tanstion testing aswell decesion testing with you can differ them too??


which of the following is not a coding defect? Option 1 Test harness defect Option 2 Data flow defect Option 3 Initialisation defect Option 4 Algorithmic defect


Hi,Please can any one tell me about SAP Testing concepts.


What are the cases why parameterization is necessary when load testing the Web server and the database server?


What Is risk Based testing?


what are the status have in QC(Test Management Tool). and how you report?