Manual Testing Interview Questions
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Describe any bug you remember. Plz Give some real examples

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at which movement we will perform varification testing & Validation Testing , with Example ??


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Testing will produce Bug Free Product 1 - Yes 2 - Sometime 3 - No 4 - None of above

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What is diference u get in Web based appln testing when compared to Windows based appln.

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wt r the types of testings r belongs to black box testing, wt r the types of testings r belongs to white box testing and wt r the types of testing r belongs to both.

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hi am new to testing please anyone suggest a text book or materails so that it will help me to understand testing.please give me as soon as possible

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What is Retesting & Regression Testing? When do we use retesting & regression testing(i.e In what situation)? Please clear me.

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any example for high siviority and low priority bug


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What is acid testing? In which scenario we can use acid testing


What is interface testing


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hi i want manual testing interview question(3+exp)please tell me


Pls give examples for 1. High severity and high priority. 2. High severity and low priority. 3. Low severity and high priority. 4. Low severity and low priority


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Who are responsible for writing test plan? When does it start after or before writing test case???

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Hello Friends Can anybody give me some idea about telephonic interview on Testing.As a exp. what could be the questions , that u guys have faced or you know ? Plz help me out


How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?


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What are testing techniques? What is difference between general and specific?


Changes and enhancements to system?


Can anybody give whole test cases for banking should include from start to end .that will help me do should contain account,deposite,withdraw,fd,atm modules.?please try to give me??


Give an example for pre testing and post testing ?


!what are the entry criteria for antomation testing ?


What is checkpoint? How can you handle the checkpoints?


What about manual testing opening in bangalore in September. Not getting a single interview call from last one month.


approx how long a simple website take time just for manual testing including report generation.


Did any one completed CSTE certiication? can u send sample question papers? how to apply that? pls send it to my mail id - THANKS IN ADVANCE


How do you scope, organize, and execute a test project?


How can you use technology to solve problem?


How to test the Online Games?? Suggest tricks. I have experience in server-client application testing.


What is the difference between GUI Testing,UI testing and Usability TEsting


What is mean by Schedule report who is the responsible for generated that one ?


How could we start writing testcases without having the FRS,BRS Docs? My Project has some docs that are related to explain the operations which will be done in the application. It is deployed in UAT server and is a maintainance project. Tell me some technipues or best way to provide the quality to application?