Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is patch,abbrevate SCD,CAPA

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The project manager is working with the team to help them understand the constraints the project must operate within. As a kick off to the meeting, the manager displays the first slide, which reads: Scope, Schedule and Budget--You may pick two. Based on the above scenario, which one of the project concepts is the manager relating to the team?

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One or more text elements or even all text elements in a page should be markable as required to match. -What are the categories of content validation is described in the text above?

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Which one of the project team members bears the responsibility of deferring new functionality to a later release?


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what are the reasons is commonly cited as the primary benefit to Test-Driven Development?

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what statements did Philip Crosby use to capture the essence of the Quality Assurance discipline?


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Beyond the customary advantages of having a testing group, what are the benefits does a company receive from a well run, automated testing group?



You need to plan a test project to qualify an application composed of many individual components. Referring to the scenario above, which phases do you expect to take longer than usual?

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The program prints data on the screen instead of the printer. Referring to the fault above, which load condition errors has occurred?

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Which reasons do you use to justify training for the testing team as part of its career development?

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Which one of the functional groups do test engineers interact with in order to retrieve the correct set of requirements for a specific software release?

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Why does user inter-operability testing present such a big challenge to the testing effort?


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What are the commonly cited as the cause of close to 70 percent of project failures?

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The company is developing a new piece of software. The application allows a computer user to use the print option of any existing application to save the output into an HTML file instead of printing. -Based on the scenario above, which test methods do you use to make certain that the new software will work properly with existing applications?

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What is the name of the process developed by The Software Engineering Institute that addresses 18 key process areas for achieving a certain level of organizational maturity?


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What exactly you do as a Configuration controller?


what is user interface testing?


Why did you choose the Software Testing Field?


What are all the scenario for analytics 2.api 3.paypal


Explain severity with example and expalin each example?


If asked to create a Configuration Design Pattern, where would you start?


How should your staff be managed? How about your overtime?


hello there, can anyone tell me what type of question does lg soft company ask in written test especially for a quant part? Thanku


what are the different methods to test a product in 'Japanese' language? NOTE:User is unable to perform basic functionalities while using the app..(copy, paste, text selection etc.)


Please is there any one working with ITR.COM? Having interview with them. Any tips will help.


Hi, this is murthysharma. I need very urgently about some terms which are used in use cases? Plz give reply to me, if any body know, It is really very very urgent. 1. what is the difference between basic flow,exception flow and alternative flow? 2.what are non-functional requirements in use cases? 3.what are exceptions, special requirements, business rules, assumptions, constraints. Kindly give me with the example. Bcoz, I am very new to this use cases. thanks in Advance. Regards, M.MurthySharma


tell wat u did in ur banking project?


What was a problem you had in your previous assignment (testing if possible)? How did you resolve it?


When the GUI Testing will be held on the V model ?


What do you plan to become after say 2-5yrs (Ex: QA Manager, Why?)