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CISA Certification Interview Questions
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Which of the following steps would an IS auditor normally perform FIRST in a data center security review? A. Evaluate physical access test results. B. Determine the risks/threats to the data center site. C. Review business continuity procedures. D. Test for evidence of physical access at suspect locations.

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During which of the following phases in systems development would user acceptance test plans normally be prepared? A. Feasibility study B. Requirements definition C. Implementation planning D. Post-implementation review

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Which of the following is MOST likely to occur when a system development project is in the middle of the programming/coding phase? A. Unit tests B. Stress tests C. Regression tests D. Acceptance tests

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When auditing the requirements phase of a system development project, an IS auditor would: A. assess the adequacy of audit trails. B. identify and determine the criticality of the need. C. verify cost justifications and anticipated benefits. D. ensure that control specifications have been defined.

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Information requirement definitions, feasibility studies and user requirements are significant considerations when: A. defining and managing service levels. B. identifying IT solutions. C. managing changes. D. assessing internal IT control.

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E-cash is a form of electronic money that: A. can be used over any computer network. B. utilizes reusable e-cash coins to make payments. C. does not require the use of an Internet digital bank. D. contains unique serial numbering to track the identity of the buyer.

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A manufacturing firm wants to automate its invoice payment system. Objectives state that the system should require considerably less time for review and authorization and the system should be capable of identifying errors that require follow up. Which of the following would BEST meet these objectives? A. Establishing an inter-networked system of client servers with suppliers for increased efficiencies B. Outsourcing the function to a firm specializing in automated payments and accounts receivable/invoice processing C. Establishing an EDI system of electronic business documents and transactions with key suppliers, computer to computer, in a standard format D. Reengineering the existing processing and redesigning the existing system

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The impact of EDI on internal controls will be: A. that fewer opportunities for review and authorization will exist. B. an inherent authentication. C. a proper distribution of EDI transactions while in the possession of third parties. D. that IPF management will have increased responsibilities over data center controls.

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Electronic signatures can prevent messages from being: A. suppressed. B. repudiated. C. disclosed. D. copied.

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Electromagnetic emissions from a terminal represent an exposure because they: A. affect noise pollution. B. disrupt processor functions. C. produce dangerous levels of electric current. D. can be detected and displayed.

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The PRIMARY purpose of audit trails is to: A. improve response time for users. B. establish accountability and responsibility for processed transactions. C. improve the operational efficiency of the system. D. provide useful information to auditors who may wish to track transactions.

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Which of the following is an object-oriented technology characteristic that permits an enhanced degree of security over data? A. Inheritance B. Dynamic warehousing C. Encapsulation D. Polymorphism

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The technique used to ensure security in virtual private networks (VPNs) is: A. encapsulation. B. wrapping. C. transform. D. encryption.

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Which of the following provides the GREATEST assurance of message authenticity? A. The pre-hash code is derived mathematically from the message being sent. B. The pre-hash code is encrypted using the sender's private key. C. Encryption of the pre-hash code and the message using the secret key. D. Sender attains the recipient's public key and verifies the authenticity of its digital certificate with a certificate authority.

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The BEST defense against network eavesdropping is: A. encryption. B. moving the defense perimeter outward. C. reducing the amplitude of the communication signal. D. masking the signal with noise.

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Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months




purchase orders issued to vendors have been authorized as per the authorization matrix


E-mail message authenticity and confidentiality is BEST achieved by signing the message using the: