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CCNA Interview Questions
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what is route aggregation

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Which IP address and wildcard mask would you use in your ACL to block all the hosts in the subnet


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In transport layer, for connection oriented communication Three way handshake process is there to establish a connection. So question is that, when a host send an ACK messages to another host with host intend to establish a connection, the source host send it as Broadcast or unicast message? Cud anyone explain this. Thanks in advance.


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Suppose we have 4 switches runing in VTP mode. So when i create a VLAN in Server Switch this VLAN info reflect in all other switch. So question is - A) Suppose i m practicing this scenario in BOSON software, When a create a VLAN in server switch n ADD ports of switch to that VLAN, the same number of ports of client switch also belongs to dat VLAN. For example - In switch A (Server mode), i create a VLAN 7 name Hyderabad & port number 1, 2 & 3 put into this VLAN. Another Switch B (Client mode), its also showing that port number 1,2 & 3 belong the same VLAN. How cud it possible... As we know, VTP share only VLAN configuration information. Cud anyone explain it please....!!!! B)Same thing, when i m practicing in PACKET TRACER 5.0, its only showing that VLAN configuration information is shared. No port information is shared at all. I can manually configure individual switch port to respective VLAN as our wish. Cud anyone explain it please..!!!

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Hi Guys i hv one confusion. Need u peoples help. In EIGRP, maximum hop count is up to 255. By default only 100. Now question is - a) Suppose i hv a network consist of 115 routers & EIGRP routing protocol is configured. By default hop count is 100, so is there any manual configuration necessary for hop count ya router will automatically detect the hop count & will update the hop count accordingly..????? b) In EIGRP, Bandwidth & Delay is used to calculate metric. For this Metric weight is set to K1(Bandwidth)=1, K2(Delay)=0, K3(Reliability)=1, K4(Load)=0, K5(MTU)=0 Now i want, Bandwidth & Load is used to calculate metric. For that wat i hv to configure & wat wub the metric weights. Cud anyone explain it plzzzz..!!!!

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hi friends i am jitendera kumar sinha.i have a question in mind that what is the diffrence between router and l3 switch i serched on google and found that switch L3 is best in lan and router are best in wan and switch are more faster then router.beside that any short of technical diffrence if you body know then plz plz and plz reply. my 2nd question is that why we canot replace router with L3 switches (donot tell that it is costly then router).i want any technical cause. this is 1 am hope in noon when ever i logg again i will find the answer posted by you. thanks onse again plz pzl make reply thanks jitendera kumar sinha

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here is your question sahin Hi Jitendera, If i m not wrong, then in EIGRP, Metric weight is set to K1(Bandwidth)=1, K2(Delay)=0, K3(Reliability)=1, K4(Load)=0, K5(MTU)=0. This is default setting for EIGRP. I knew about it from ICND 2 cisco press book. Three more questions - a) If we change the K value (I mean metric weight)on a router what will happen??? b) When redistribution is necessary in EIGRP. Is there any condition for that??? c) What is reference bandwidth for metric calculation in EIGRP. As we know, in OSPF, on a CISCO router reference bandwidth is 10Mbps.

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Hi Jitendera, I need ur suggestion. I completed my CCNA certification & also hving some sort of real time experience. Now i m planning to do CCNP. Little bit confusion is that whether it wud be better for me to go for CCNP ya CCNA (Security). As off my goal is to reach CCIE (Security & Switching/Routing). So tell me some solution of my confusion yaar..!!! Thanx & Regards Shahin..

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Hi Jitendera, Wat do u do..?? I mean r u working anywhere???? Basically where r u from??? If u don't hv any problem, u can say..?? Or else mail me

HCL, Wipro,


what is the diffination of bandwidth.

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Can anyone explain the STP Security features. Just like BPDU guard, Root Guard. Hi JITENDERA, i m specially looking for u?????

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Can anyone explain the load balancing of PVST+????

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The administrator of a comapny needs to ensure that a web server in their network is accessible from the Internet. Since the network uses private addressing, this requires an IP-to-registered-address mapping. The following command is entered on the router: router(config)# ip nat inside source static After unsuccessful results from a ping to the Internet, the administrator issues the show ip nat translations command and the output is blank. What could be the problem with the NAT configuration for this mapping? A. The keyword overload is missing from the command. B. The administrator needs to define a NAT pool first. C. An access list must be defined to create static NAT translations. D. The interfaces need to be configured for NAT.

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What is switch priority & why it is used????


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what hapeen we we configure default root on the router which is conected by isp supoese there are two router r1 is conected throug isp and and by s0 r1 is conexted to r2 if we apply degault root on r1 what will happen

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Hub in star topology or bus topology?


Which cable we connect in db-9?


What are the different types of the password used in securing a cisco router?


Define class full protocol?


Tell me which protocol works only on cisco routers?


Why is UDP lease favored when compared to TCP?


Suppose we have some switch in network and we are running RSTP how much convergence time will be there if one link down


What type of transmission bus topology support?


Explain the types of communication in ipv6 ?


Explain the difference between collision domain and broadcast domain.


Explain how many types of router?


Can you explain in a generic manner the packet of IPSec?


Explain which layer are called upper layer?


What is formula of hold down time of eigrp protocol?