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CCNA Interview Questions
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please name some routed protocol.

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what is secure hand shake protocol

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what is flow control,.

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what are loops in switches excactly...and how does it gets created???

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what the exact definition of Ethernet.plz reply as soon soon as possible

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Request any body to explain the parameters of Ipsec vpn tunnel while creating a tunnel in Cisco ASA.


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HI friends. i need a suggestion and looking towards you foryours valuable suggestion friends i have completed ccna now i want to done red het linux system admnistration and networking i am liitle bit confuse betwwen them which one is better for me for job point of view reply soon waiting for your reply

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What does a router change in a packet when it forwards a packet to the next hop? * A: Destination physical address * B: Destination network address * C: Destination network address and the destination physical address


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from last ten days i watched that no any new questions are placed in ccna plz place the questions it is very use full to beginers like us


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friends i have 3ree prob which is asked in ibm india in technical round 1 what is ftp(this was easy i had answered) 2 why we use ftp(i think it is a tough one) 3 how can we enable ftp in the widows xp. friend i need these question answer as soon as possible if it is possible to reply within the eveing then i always obeyliged to you i am espacily looking towards the jitendera sinha who make most of the valuable answer loking toward you nidhi mall


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what is difference between 1 pap and chap(quite easy but need on line answer) 2 chap and ms-chap(plz describe briefly) now i have posted the question is there any one to help me?

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Hi,can anyone explain me in brief about ccna security. waiting for your answer

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what are the port numbers for DNS,FTP,TELNET,SMTP,NNTP

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which of the following address represent unicast address A B ffff.ffff.ffff.ffff C D E plz tell what should be answer plz tell with explanation

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what is the subnet for the host ip address

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

When we use extended access-list?


Explain how many maximum paths you can give on latest ios in rip?


Which classes are assignable?


Why is network segmentation a good idea when managing a large network?


What is the advantage of vlan?


Tell us the name of best path in eigrp protocol?


How many hope count rip or rip2 can send updates?


Which command we give for see routing table?


What are the different IPX access lists?


Define topology?


When we use standard access-list?


What are the different types of passwords that you can use in cisco routers?


Which command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?


What is meant arp and rarp?


Explain the matric of eigrp protocol?