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CCNA Interview Questions
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Hi Jitendera, I continuously read your answers which is more knowlegable than books... Q.I am facing some problems in subnetting.can you plzz explain the subnetting process.. will be remain thankful

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What is the difference between DTE & DCE???

ISDN, Wipro,

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What is CSU/DSU & explain the function????


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take a pen and copy before solving that question there is a router name Ra there is two switch sw1 and sw2 sw1 is coneceted through fa0/1 interface of router Ra sw2 is conected through the fa1/1 serai interface of router s0/1 conected through the isp with it ip address now therer are three host conexted through the sw1 and having ip host1= host2= host3= now there is also 3ree host conected through switch 2 i.e sw2 having ip host4= host 5= host 6= now i think u have made corect questios is started network admin configure the Ra router in that fassion Ra(config)#access-list 2 permit Ra(config)#line vty 0 4 ra(config)#access-class 2 in now question is that why should network admnistratoe do it in this maneer A to give access sw1 host to acess internet B to prevent sw1 host from acessing comand promt c to prevent sw2 host from accessing console of router ra D to give sw2 host access to the enternet e prevent sw1 host from accessing internet f to prevent sw1 host from acessing the sw2 host network isp------(s0/1)..RA..(fa1/1)---SW2-host (4,5,6) | | (sw1)------host 1,2,3 this is not exect digarm but help to derive the diagram plz answer as soon as possible


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while trouble shooting a network conectivty prob a technician observes that steady link light on the both work stations nic and the switch port which the workstation is conected.however when the ping comand is issuede from the work station the out message is request time out at which layer of osi model does the prob most likly exist 1 sessiom layer protocol layer datalink kayer acess layer network layer application layer i have ansered n/w layer but i am niot sure i have also posted privous question jitendera kumar sinha

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1 what is the number of telnet session in the cisco router a 1 b 2 c 3 d 4 e 5

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what is the binary value of loop back address

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which portecol is faster tcp udp spx

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what is the boot seqance of cisco router

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raid can be used in? 1 NT 2 Netware 3 all of above mine answer -NT

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intial information of packey occur on which layer application sessions physical mine answer physical

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which term use to allow user to conect the remote n/w with ppp dail up conection ras sap sonet mane answer rsa

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what is used for passive intercae comand mine answer-to prevent to take update from outside

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what is the high order bit in class a 1 11 110 10 mine answer 1

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the term which used for describe physical alyout of network mine answer-topology

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What are the possible ways of data exchange in ccna?


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What is the difference between the communication and transmission?