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CCNA Interview Questions
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What information can you get from CDP info: (choose all that apply) A.) Hardware platform B.) One address per protocol C.) Software platform D.) Hostname E.) The same info as show version F.) Incoming/outgoing port

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How does the cut-through switching technique work? A.) By using broadcast address as source addresses B.) The switch waits only for the header to be received before it checks the destination address and starts forwarding the packets C.) The LAN switch copies the entire frame into its onboard buffers and then looks up the destination address in its forwarding, or switching, table and determines the outgoing interface D.) By using a Class I repeater in a collision domain

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What is the protocol number for TCP? A.) 80 B.) 21 C.) 11 D.) 6

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Which of the following are Presentation Layer standards? A.) JPEG and PICT B.) MPEG and MIDI C.) ASCII and EBCDIC D.) NFS and SQL

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What is the administrative distance for RIP? A.) 100 B.) 90 C.) 120 D.) 110

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IP standard access lists use which of the following as a basis for permitting or denying packets? A.) destination address B.) port C.) protocol D.) source address

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If a frame is received at a switch and only the destination hardware address is read before the frame is forwarded, what type of switching method is this? A.) Store-and-drop B.) Latency C.) Store-and-forward D.) Cut-through

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What is the purpose and default value of the CDP timer command? A.) 90 seconds; interval before an entry expires B.) 60 seconds; interval between updates C.) 60 seconds; interval before an entry expires D.) 90 seconds; interval between updates

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Choose the following that are benefits to segmenting with router: A.) Flow Control B.) Manageability C.) Multiple Active Paths D.) Explicit packet lifetime control

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When discussing static routes, what is the gateway parameter used for? A.) Determining the dynamic route B.) Defining the subnet C.) Defining the Administrative Distance D.) Determining the next hop

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Which layer hides details of network dependent information from the higher layers by providing transparent data transfer? A.) Transport B.) Physical C.) Data Link D.) Session E.) Application F.) Network

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What information is provided by the local management interface (LMI)? A.) LMI encapsulation type B.) The current DLCI values C.) The status of virtual circuits D.) The global or local significance of the DLCI values

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Which layer defines the physical topology? A.) Application B.) Transport C.) Network D.) Data Link E.) Physical F.) Session

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What key do you use to view the last command? A.) Left Arrow B.) Ctrl-P C.) Up Arrow D.) Right Arrow

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Which of the following do not belong to the customer? A.) CO B.) DCE C.) Router D.) CPE E.) Demarc F.) DTE

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What metric does rip use? How is the metric used to indicate an unreachable network?


Mention the ranges for the private IP?


Explain the difference between bus topology and hub?


What is ping utility?


Explain the major types of networks and explain?


What is ‘round-trip time’?


Explian what is a node?


Does a bridge divide a network into smaller segments?


What are the different types of passwords that you can use in cisco routers?


What are the different types of network in ccna?


How many hop counts are by default and how much you can increase in eigrp protocol?


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Tell me how much internal and external ad of eigrp protocol?


Define logical topology.


How many types of ospf configuration?