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What is the purpose and default value of the CDP timer command?

A.) 90 seconds; interval before an entry expires

B.) 60 seconds; interval between updates

C.) 60 seconds; interval before an entry expires

D.) 90 seconds; interval between updates

What is the purpose and default value of the CDP timer command? A.) 90 seconds; interval before a..

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Answer: B

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Which mathematically form used inipv6?

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You are a system administrator on a NetWare network, you are running NetWare 4.11 and you cannot communicate with your router. What is the likely problem? A. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation. B. NetWare 4.11 defaults to 802.3 encapsulation C. Cisco routers only work with NetWare 3.11. D. NetWare 3.11 defaults to 802.2 encapsulation.

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What is a Frame Relay?

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Which two encapsulation names are correctly paired with the Cisco IOS encapsulation names? (Choose two) A. Ethernet_II-ARPA B. Ethernet_802.3-SAP C. Ethernet_802.2-LLC D. Ethernet_SNAP-SNAP

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What is Spanning Tree Protocol and how it work? I know it is - STP is Spanning tree Protocol. It Stops the looping in the network? How STP work? How it stop Looping in network?

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which is following route will be used to froword data in a situation where a routing table tables contains static ,RIP,IGRP routes destined to the same network with each set to its default administrative distance

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why we use AS no. in IGRP and EIGRP?

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Which of the following are Session Layer standards? A.) ASCII and EBCDIC B.) MPEG and MIDI C.) NFS and SQL D.) JPEG and PICT

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Explain the difference between routable and non- routable protocols?

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what is Bandwidth capping

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Describe End to End network services: (Choose all that apply) A.) Best Route selection B.) Accomplished Segment by Segment, each segment is autonomous C.) Flow Control & Data Integrity D.) Best efforts packet delivery

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Does a bridge divide a network into smaller sections?

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