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CCNA Interview Questions
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What are hold-downs used for? A.) To prevent regular update messages from reinstating a route that has come back up B.) Information received on an interface cannot be sent back out the same interface C.) To prevent regular update messages from reinstating a route that has gone down D.) To hold the routing table from being sent to another router

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Which of the following protocols are used for logical network addressing? A.) IP B.) TCP C.) ARP D.) ICMP E.) RARP F.) BootP

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Which can be logged by IPX extended access lists? A.) source address B.) protocol C.) source socket D.) access list number E.) destination socket F.) destination address

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Put the following steps of encapsulation into the correct order: 1) The data is broken into segments to be organized 2) Frames are converted to 1s and 0s to be put on the wire 3) Packets are converted into frames 4) Information that users enter is converted into data 5) The segments are changed to packets to be routed A.) 4, 1, 3, 2, 5 B.) 4, 5, 1, 3, 2 C.) 2, 3, 1, 4, 5 D.) 4, 1, 5, 3, 2

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Which port numbers are used by TCP and UDP to set up sessions with other hosts? A.) 1024 and above B.) 6 and 17 respectively C.) 1-25 D.) 6-17

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Repeaters work at which layer of the OSI model? A.) Network B.) Session C.) Transport D.) Physical

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What protocols can you use while testing Trace? A.) DECnet B.) CLNS C.) IP D.) Old Vines E.) Vines F.) Chaos

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What utility can you use to see the path a packet takes through an internetwork? A.) Route B.) SNMP C.) Trace D.) Ping

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What is true about frame-relay DLCI? A.) DLCI represents a single physical circuit B.) DLCI is optional in all frame-relay networks C.) DLCI identifies a logical connection between DTE devices D.) DLCI is used to tag the beginning of a frame with VLAN information

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Which frame has a Type field to identify the upper-layer protocol? A.) 802.3 B.) 802.2 C.) 802.5 D.) Ethernet_II

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Which protocol will let neighbor routers know if your internetwork experienced congestion on a serial port? A.) BootP B.) IP C.) ICMP D.) ARP E.) FTP F.) RARP

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What do you use the Aux port for? A.) Console B.) Terminal editing C.) Modem D.) Backup logging

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The CSMA/CD Ethernet IEEE committee is defined as which of the following? A.) 802.2 B.) 802.3 C.) 802.4 D.) 802.5

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How many Frame-relay encapsulation types are available with Cisco routers? A.) Four B.) Two C.) Five D.) Three

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What is the maximum hop count for Link-State protocols? A.) 15 B.) there is no hop count limit C.) 256 D.) 16

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Explain the difference between simple authentication and md5?


Which 2 protocols are in wan technology?


What is the command use to add a banner to a cisco router configuration?


How are internetworks created?


What are segments?


Why is vlan used?


What is the beaconing?


What are the different ways authentication mechanism in VPN?


What is the difference between ‘bit rate’ and ‘baud rate’?


Differentiate full-duplex from half-duplex.


How many tables are in ospf protocol?


I simulate ten routers r1 to r10 straightly. I want I can ping from the loop of r1 to loop of r10, but I want I cant ping r1 and r10 from inside routers.?


what is the difference between a ‘half-duplex’ and a ‘full-duplex’ system?


Explain how an spf algorithm works?