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CCNA Interview Questions
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Identify the default IPX serial encapsulation? A.) Novell-Ether B.) SDLC C.) SNAP D.) HDLC

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Identify the hardware component that stores the backup configuration? A.) RAM B.) NVRAM C.) Flash D.) ROM

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Identify the named IP access-list number range? A.) 600 - 699 B.) 1 - 99 C.) 900 - 999 D.) 200 - 299 E.) none of the above

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Identify 3 Fast Ethernet technologies? A.) 100 Base FastEther B.) 100 Base FX C.) 100 Base T4 D.) 100 Base TX

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Identify the OSI layer responsible for end-to-end connections? A.) Network B.) Transport C.) Session D.) Data link E.) TCP

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Identify the 2 characteristics regarding MAC addresses? A.) Contains a network portion and host portion B.) Always assigned by System Administrator C.) 48 bits long D.) Contains a vendor code and serial number

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Identify the number range for IPX SAP filters? A.) 900 - 999 B.) 1000 - 1099 C.) 800 -899 D.) 100 - 199

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What is the purpose of ARP? A.) IP to host name resolution B.) Host name to IP address resolution C.) Mac to IP address resolution D.) IP to Mac address resolution

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Which OSI layer establishes, maintains and terminates sessions between applications? A.) Application B.) Physical C.) Data-Link D.) Presentation E.) Network F.) Session

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Which statement is true regarding Administrative distance? A.) It is a metric B.) Number of hops between two routers C.) Trustworthiness of the routing information D.) RIP Administrative distance is 100


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Identify the purpose of the Ping command? A.) Share routing information with a neighbor router B.) Transmit user data when buffers are full C.) Test connectivity at layer 3 D.) Test entire protocol stack

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Identify the order of the 5 step encapsulation? 1) Create the segment 2) Convert the frame to bits 3) Create the packet 4) Create the frame 5) User creates the data A.) 1,2,4,2,5 B.) 2,1,3,4,5 C.) 5,1,3,4,2 D.) 5,3,4,1,2

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The Cisco IOS is stored in: A.) ROM B.) CD C.) Flash D.) NVRAM

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Sequence and acknowledgement numbers are used for? A.) Layer transitioning B.) Flow control C.) Port number addressing D.) Reliability

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Identify IPX GNS and it's purpose? A.) Go Network Server - sends a print job to a network server B.) Get Nearest Server - locate the nearest server C.) Guaranteed Network Services - allocates resources to users D.) Get Notes Server - locates Domino Server

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Un-Answered Questions { CCNA }

Explain how many collision domains are in switch?


After how long ospf exchange its topology table?


what command you must use if you want to delete or remove the configuration data that is stored in the NVRAM?


How many reserve ports?


What do you understand by redundancy?


Can you give an overview of various components in IPSec?


Differentiate full-duplex from half-duplex.


What is the difference between simple authentication and md5?


In stead of wild card mask what you can write after ip?


Define load balancing?


what is the concept of HA and FA in VPN tunneling?


What is mtu and what is its size for transmission?


Explain the types of nat?


What is the difference between hub, switch, and router?


Name the 2 protocols are in wan technology?