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CCNA Interview Questions
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Of the following switching types, which one has the highest latency? A.) Cut-through B.) None C.) Store-and-forward D.) Fragment Free

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What does the IPX maximum path command do? A.) Allows you to disable the TTL on an IPX packet B.) This parameter is only used in NLSP routing C.) Sets the maximum metric that can appear in the routing table D.) Configures round robin load sharing over multiple equal metric paths (parallel paths)

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What does -1 mean in an extended IPX access-list? A.) Any IP address B.) Deny all C.) Deny host D.) Any host or any network

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What parameter is used with statically assigned routers to tell packets which interface to use to reach a distant network? A.) Mask B.) Subnet C.) Default gateway D.) Interface

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Which of the following protocols are used to get an IP address from a known MAC address? A.) BootP B.) TCP C.) IP D.) ARP E.) RARP F.) ICMP


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What does the Spanning Tree Algorithm (STA) do? A.) Restore lost frames B.) Builds routing tables for routing through an internetwork C.) Forward packets through a switch D.) STA is implemented by STP to prevent loops

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IP extended access lists use which of the following as a basis for permitting or denying packets? A.) destination address B.) all of the above C.) protocol D.) source address E.) port

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What is the extended IPX access list range? A.) 901-1000 B.) 100-199 C.) 900-999 D.) 1000-1000

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CPE is an acronym for which of the following? A.) Customer Premise Equipment B.) Central Processing Engineering C.) Customer Process Equipment D.) Central Processing Equipment

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How often does IP RIP send out routing table updates by default? A.) They send complete updates every 30 seconds B.) They send partial updates every 30 seconds C.) They send complete updates every 60 seconds D.) They send partial updates every 60 seconds

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Which ISDN protocol prefix specifies switching and signaling? A.) I B.) E C.) Q D.) S

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CSMA/CD stand for which of the following? A.) Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection B.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection C.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Carrier Detection D.) Carrier Sense, MAC address with Collision Detection

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Which of the following are Distant Vector protocols? A.) IGRP B.) RIP C.) OSFP D.) EIGRP

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UDP works at which layer of the DOD model? A.) Internet B.) Host-to-Host C.) Transport D.) Data Link

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Of the following switching types, which one has the lowest latency? A.) Cut-through B.) Fragment Free C.) None D.) Store-and-forward

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Name the command we give on privilege mode for coming back to user execution mode?


Explain dhcp scope?


How do you configure a Cisco router to route IPX?


what are the different symmetric algorithms?


How does L2TP process?


Mention what are the ranges for the private ips?


How we can see mac address from dos prompt?


Suppose there are 3 pc's pc1 pc2 and pc3 all are connected with each other pc 1 is able to ping pc2 and pc3 but pc2 and pc 3 not able to ping pc 1 then what is an issue troubleshoot it?


Do we subletting of ip?


How many types of ends in wan?


What are the advantages of layered model in networking industry?


What are the disadvantages of symmetric algorithms?


Which reserve port no http use?


What is 10base5 ethernet lans?


What is the difference between the communication and transmission?