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CCNA Interview Questions
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What is HSRP and what is difference between HSRP and GLBP


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Why we used Virtual MAC in GLBP



Suppose a Switch interface went in error-dis mode what you will do for Troubleshooting List all Possibilities



What is Phase od VPN in site to site and what information you will require to configure a SITE to SITE VPN



what is Bandwidth capping



Suppose a USER is saying he is not able to access the internet or page loading is slow what trobleshooting steps you will take to get it fixed


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1>What do you mean by Networks and Networking? 2>Difference between Vlan And Sub Interface Vlan? 3>What is Fiber Optic Media Converter? 4>What is Firewall? 5>Difference Between Layer2 and Layer3 Switch? 6>What is the function of Multilayer Switch? 7>Expalin STP? What is the Difference between STP and MST? 8>What is the Function of VTP?Explain the modes of VTP? 9>What kind of Message VTp will Send? 10>What is the Difference between Normal and Manageable Switch? 11>Difference between Local Vlan and End to End Vlan? 12>Difference between Distance Vector and Link State Routing protocol? 13>What do you mean by Backbone Fast Port? 14>what is Root Guard and BPDU Guard?

Gemini, SpectraNet,


Suppose there are 3 pc's pc1 pc2 and pc3 all are connected with each other pc 1 is able to ping pc2 and pc3 but pc2 and pc 3 not able to ping pc 1 then what is an issue troubleshoot it?



What is the Difference Between Windows 2003 And Windows 2008 Server?


What do you mean by Port Mirroring?


how we update the IOS version with the help of TFTP?


Suppose we are having two Switches i.e. Switch1 & Switch2 Port1 of Switch1 is Connected to Uplink and switch2 is also connected to switch1? So 1>Is there is any loop? 2>How we come to know that there is a loop created? 3>If we add Switch3 to switch2 then there is a possibility of loop Creation?


Suppose we are having two router i.e. Router1 and Router 2 connected with each other on Serial Link,Router Network having ip 1> which ip is used at router1 and router2 interface? 2>Which Command is used to assign ip to router1 and router2 interface?

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In STP the Root Bridge Sends the BPDU in Every 2 Sec,In BPDU What kind of Information is i.e. What kind of information BPDU Contains?

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Q1> Which are the ports on CISCO Device? Q2> If our links are down then what we suppose to check? Steps? Q3> This is the ip address x.x.y.y/27 then what is the subnet mask? Q4> What do you mean by Static and Dynamic routing? Give Example of each? Q5> Suppose there are two routers i.e. Router A and Router B and if they are connected on P2P N/w, Then how to configure the router?or Which are the components of router? Q6> This is the ip address x.x.y.y/24 then what is the subnet mask? Q7> There are 4 departments and 10,000 pc's are their so how many vlans are created ? Q8> what is the number of standard vlan creation? Options Prasad Saldur hey guys any openings in mumbai i am fresher i finished my BSC -IT in the year 2011 if any opening please let me know..Like · · Follow Post · July 11 at 10:41am Options Mayank Shah pls any one send me the latest dumps of ccna my email addr is mayankshah20089@gmail.comLike · · Follow Post · July 10 at 1:49am Options Gupta Manoj Any idea About Wipro Telephonic Round for Network Engg?Like · · Unfollow Post · July 9 at 10:35pm Options Gupta Manoj What is mean by Catalyst Switch?Like · · Unfollow Post · July 9 at 6:28am Mohd Yaseen Catalyst Switch is the series which is launched by Cisco and it also awarded my many times becoz of its flexibily and technology..Example of Catalyst Swict r :- 1700 1800 2900 July 9 at 8:47am · Like Options Sheelgandh Chandankhede Extensive use of GRE tunnels ? Function of GRE tunnels?Like · · Follow Post · July 7 at 6:15am Options Gupta Manoj Wheather this is Good Company or Not Firstsource Solutions Ltd i Got selected for NOC Engg sholud i join or not?Like · · Unfollow Post · July 3 at 11:19pm Mohd Yaseen BHai No Idea,,,,I Think u Should go for Review.......... July 5 at 2:00am · Like Kapil Mhatre Salary? & location? July 6 at 10:44am via mobile · Like · 1 Options Somil Keswani Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.Like · · Follow Post · July 6 at 10:40am Options Gupta Manoj Baap Se Bapadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa​aaaLike · · Unfollow Post · July 6 at 10:16am Mohd Yaseen and Shrikant Shitole like this. Options Chintan Shah friends tell me how to make two internet lines work on same switch without cisco routerLike · · Follow Post · July 1 at 11:32pm near Mumbai Options Suhas Salunkhe What is the difference between Alternate and Backup port in RSTP ?Like · · Follow Post · July 1 at 12:41pm Options Gupta Manoj Practical Question Suppose there is 1 switch and on Switch at port 1 Hub is connected and on hub port 2 and 3 Computer 1 and Computer 2 is connected? Then How many MAC learn at switch1?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 1:56am Vinod Kumar Vishwakarma At this stage i think 2 July 1 at 9:04am · Like Gupta Manoj Manageable cisco switch July 1 at 9:24am · Like · 1 Options Yogesh Dilip Lotlikar Like · · Follow Post · July 1 at 8:18am Shrikant Shitole and 2 others like this. Options Somil Keswani Wall Photos Disaster recovery illustrated :D The best difference between all of them. Share it if you liked it. :) By: UNISOFT TECHNOLOGIES Like · · Follow Post · July 1 at 8:12am Options Gupta Manoj In windows 2000 if we want to take a remote axcess then which command is used? · · Unfollow Post · Share · June 28 at 2:00am Mohd Yaseen sorry June 29 at 4:27am · Like Gupta Manoj what are u giving the ans man? July 1 at 6:08am · Like Options Gupta Manoj Switch works on which layer?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:01am Gaurav Dhargalkar L2 switch on layer 2 and L3 switch works on layer 3 after command:no switchport (acts as router) July 1 at 12:06am · Like · 2 Amar Chavan good question July 1 at 1:59am · Like · 1 Options Gupta Manoj What is the Default priority of STP?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:01am Mohd Yaseen sorry June 29 at 4:32am · Like Gaurav Dhargalkar ‎32768 July 1 at 12:04am · Like Options Gupta Manoj ‎1>What is Triple X Network? 2>What is 5 4 3 Rule? 3>Difference between BIT Rate and Boud Rate?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 27 at 10:07am Gaurav Dhargalkar bhai log itna tension kyu lete ho google is baap of knowledge u will get info on any query u want. just u have to search deep for easy explainations. July 1 at 12:00am · Like Gaurav Dhargalkar For all the alsi ppl. Enjoy :) 1.http://​​showanswers/13964.html 2.​TERM/5/5_4_3_rule.html 3.​difference-between-bit-rate​ -and-baud-rate.htmlWhat do you meant by "triple X" in Networks? What do you meant by "triple X" in Networks? Interview Questions July 1 at 12:03am · Like · 1 Options Gupta Manoj Q>If we want to learn the Neigbours IP address then which command is used? a>show cdp neighbours b>show run c>show cdp networks d>show ip routeLike · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:05am Vishal Duraphe always welcomed yaar !! June 29 at 7:35am · Like Gaurav Dhargalkar show cdp will be shown if cdp is enabled. But in real-time designs it is not usually enabled. Whereas in sh run u will all info and config on the router where the neighbours are also published. June 30 at 11:58pm · Like Options Gupta Manoj Practical Question Suppose there is 1 switch and on Switch at port 1 Hub is connected and on hub port 2 and 3 Computer 1 and Computer 2 is connected? Then How many MAC learn at switch1?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 29 at 4:33am Options Gupta Manoj What is the resposibility of Network Layer?Like · · Unfollow Post · June 28 at 2:02am Mohd Yaseen Responsibility to learn all routes and place best route in a RoutingTable and do routes filteration through ACL June 29 at 4:31am · Like Options Older Posts Facebook © 2012 · English (US) About · Create an Ad · Create a Page · Developers · Careers · Privacy · Cookies · Terms · Help Abhi Singh 1

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Give some benefits of LAN switching.


How many types of nat?


what is the concept of HA and FA in VPN tunneling?


Explain isakmp ?


When we use loop back ip?


How many collision domains are in switch?


How much internal and external ad of eigrp protocol?


What is the name of best path in eigrp protocol?


Can you explain different components in PKI?


Hub in star topology or bus topology?


What is the purpose of data link layer?


What is the virtual channel?


What is difference between flsm and vlsm?


What is the syntax of ipv4?


How many tables are in ospf protocol?