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Certifications Interview Questions
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Station A is transmitting data to station B, and expects an acknowledgment after every 400 bytes. After transmitting data for a while, the two stations determine the line is reliable and change to expecting and acknowledgement every 600 bytes. This is an example of (pick the best answer only): A.) BECN B.) Sliding Windows C.) Poison Reverse D.) Countdown timers E.) Split Horizon F.) Count to infinity

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Which device listed below provides clocking for the line? A.) DCE B.) CPE C.) CO D.) DTE E.) Demarc

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Which OSI Reference Layer controls application to application communication? A.) Datalink B.) Network C.) Transport D.) Session E.) Physical

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The Datalink Layer is broken down into 2 layers, LLC and MAC. The LLC establishes media independence and what else? A.) Provides Windowing. B.) Provides flow control. C.) Provides SAP's (Service Access Points). D.) The Datalink layer does not have sublayers. E.) Provides SAP's (Service Advertising Protocol). F.) RIP Updates.

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When a Distance Vector routing protocol detects that a connected network has gone down, it sends out a special routing update packet, telling all directly connected routers that the distance to the dead network is infinity. This is an example of which routing technology? A.) ICMP. B.) Only Link State routing protocols have this intelligence. C.) Triggered updates. D.) Garrison-4. E.) Split Horizon. F.) Poison Reverse.

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Which of the following would not be displayed by the command ?sho cdp neighbor detail?? A.) The incoming/outgoing interface. B.) The hardware platform. C.) One address per protocol. D.) Amount of Flash Memory Available E.) The routers hostname. F.) The subnet mask, if IP is configured.

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Which of the following are characteristics of UDP? A.) UDP is connection oriented. B.) UDP is used with TFTP. C.) UDP is unreliable. D.) UDP is connectionless. E.) UDP is at the transport layer. F.) UDP uses no acknowledgements.

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What is a characteristic of Store and Forward switches? A.) They work at wire speed. B.) They are the same as Cut-Through switching in 'prune' mode. C.) They forward based on transport layer info. D.) They forward the frame before it is completely read. E.) They increase latency.

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The Internet Protocol (IP) occurs at what layer of the seven layer model? A.) Physical B.) Presentation C.) Network D.) Datalink E.) Session F.) Transport

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In regards to TCP/IP, which class of address allows for the fewest valid Internet hosts? A.) D B.) E C.) Classes are not used in TCP/IP. D.) B E.) C F.) A

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For IPX, what is the DEFAULT Cisco Encapsulation on an Ethernet interface? A.) novell-ether B.) gns C.) snap D.) arpa E.) sap F.) dix

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Novell NetWare has an Ethernet frame type called Ethernet_II. What is the matching Cisco command line keyword for this encapsulation method? A.) dix B.) sap C.) arpa D.) gns E.) snap F.) novell-ether

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There are 2 types of PPP authentication supported by the Cisco IOS. What are they? A.) PAP B.) PREDICTOR C.) MD5 D.) CHAP E.) STACKER F.) MSCHAP

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Which of the following are examples of the Transport Layer? A.) Token Ring B.) UDP C.) TCP D.) IP E.) SQL F.) LLC

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Which of the following describe SMTP? A.) Used for downloading files to the router. B.) Used for sending e-mail. C.) Uses TCP. D.) Uses UDP. E.) Uses port 25. F.) Used for managing IP devices.

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What is difference between null Nat and NAT 0


How many types of memories are used in cisco router?


When we use loop back ip?


What is the difference between the communication and transmission?


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What is quality of ipv6?


How many valid ip will b in /21 in route summarization?


What is half duplex and full duplex?


Which of these has the potential to improve security incident response processes? A. Review the incident response procedures. B. Post-mortem or post-event reviews by the security team. C. Getting the hot-site ready. D. Reviw the BCP plan every six months


what is Bandwidth capping


What is the logical link control?


What is default size of hello packets in ospf?


1. your user want to display the records of the passenger traveling in the train.He can Sort the list either by the train no or by the date of journey how will the list will be displayed in the Control Level Processing in the Extract Dataset. a) The user has to create two separate internal table and sort accordingly and Two Control level Processing Blocks. b) The User has to create one internal Table with different header line and one processing Block. c) The User has to Define one internal Table and define Two control Level Processing Blocks. d) The User has to sort the internal Table Accordigly and create one Control lvel Processing Block. 2. Secondary Index will help in a) fetching the Data faster. b) Storing the of Data. 3.What does the Field statement Does. a) Delay the transport b) Go to the PAI block of the screen c) Make the Field inactive. 15. LDB NODES. a) 00 01 02 21 Get node 02 What will happen? 16. Second Question Regarding the same Context but asked about the Get Node 00 Get node 21 What will happen.? 17. Questions : - Logical Database (LDB) : a) Authorization is performed. At the LDB b)we do not have to explicit write any program to fetch the data. c)put data is used to update the Databse.