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CPE is an acronym for which of the following? A.) Customer Premise Equipment B.) Central Processing Engineering C.) Customer Process Equipment D.) Central Processing Equipment


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How often does IP RIP send out routing table updates by default? A.) They send complete updates every 30 seconds B.) They send partial updates every 30 seconds C.) They send complete updates every 60 seconds D.) They send partial updates every 60 seconds

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Which ISDN protocol prefix specifies switching and signalling? A.) I B.) E C.) Q D.) S

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CSMA/CD stand for which of the following? A.) Carrier Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection B.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Collision Detection C.) Collision Sense, Multiple Access with Carrier Detection D.) Carrier Sense, MAC address with Collision Detection

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Which of the following are Distance Vector protocols? A.) IGRP B.) RIP C.) OSFP D.) EIGRP

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UDP works at which layer of the DOD model? A.) Internet B.) Host-to-Host C.) Transport D.) Data Link

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Of the following switching types, which one has the lowest latency? A.) Cut-through B.) Fragment Free C.) None D.) Store-and-forward

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What is an administrative distance of 0 mean? A.) 0 means unbelievable B.) 0 is for EIGRP C.) 0 is the default distance for directly connected networks D.) 0 means unreachable

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Which of the following describe full-duplex transmission? A.) Uses a single wire B.) Data transmission in both directions, but only one way at a time C.) Uses a point-to-point connection from the transmitter of the transmitting station to the receiver of the receiving station D.) Data transmission in only one direction

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Which of the following is a connectionless protocol at the Transport layer? A.) UDP B.) ARP C.) ICMP D.) RARP E.) IP F.) FTP

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What is the default routing metric used by IGRP? A.) MTU, delay, bandwidth, reliability, and loading B.) Count to infinity C.) Bandwidth and delay D.) Hop count

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What does 'P' mean when running a Trace? A.) Good route B.) Protocol unreachable C.) Source Quench D.) Destination unreachable

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What is the Network Layer of the OSI responsible for? A.) Bridging B.) Routing packets through an internetwork C.) Regenerating the digital signal D.) Gateway services

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Which layer is responsible for routing through an internetwork? A.) Physical B.) Session C.) Network D.) Transport E.) Application F.) Data Link

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What three occurrences will reset the holddown timer after a triggered update? A.) Infinity is finally defined as some max number B.) HD Timer expires C.) Another update is received indicating a better metric D.) The router receives a processing task proportional to the number of links in the internetwork E.) The router detects fault LSP's propagating through the internetwork F.) Another update is received indicating net status changed

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What are the different types of network in ccna?


Which peer authentication method and which ipsec mode is used to connect to the branch locations? (Choose two)


What are the different types of password used in securing a cisco router?


Explain the types of ethernet?


Define logical topology.


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What is the command for change serial cost?




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Explain the difference between baseband and broadband transmission in ccna?


Which works router do?


What is the virtual path?